Have you ever had an instance of telepathy? Mild or strong, doesn't matter!?

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Have you ever thought of someone while they were thinking of you, realized or felt something that turned out true and you had no way of knowing, or even stronger instances of telepathic communication?
Share your stories.
Thanks for all the serious answers so far. Also wanted to let the idiots who answered know that their input is pointless because I’ve had extreme instances of telepathy happen to me and others around me. Sorry if you aren’t one of the lucky ones.

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Telepathy isn’t real.
So …. no.

Garrett G

No, but my friend has


Yes, It usually only applies to family or close friends.


I had a vision of what the next card in the deck would be. AND IT CAME TRUE.
I tried this 100 or so times, and one time it worked. I HAVE ULTIMATE FUTURE TELLING POWERS!


One time when I was four, I was riding in the car with my mom, and she thought, “I need to go get a new furnace filter.” I asked her what a furnace filter was. She swears she didn’t say anything out loud. I have yet been able to reproduce this…maybe it’s a kid thing.

sausage wallet

Aside from freaks performing tricks in side show acts, no one ever, anywhere, in the history of the world has ever had an instance of telepathy. Quite simply because there is, in all reality, no such thing. Nada, zilch, zero, nothing, naught. No matter how you say it, it all amounts to the same number of cases where this has actually been done.


You are up in your head to much buddy. Come back to earth, we miss you.


Yeah man it was profound
two days ago i was sitting next to my computer and i felt like a magnetic pulse and then instantly i opened my mouth and the sounds from videos from youtube were coming out of my mouth, I have achieved a connection with the speakers of my computer.
Then i woke up.

If It's Too Loud...

Many years ago I had a growing, urgent feeling that I needed to call a friend. I did, and I learned she was on her way to the hospital with grand mal seizures. I was so sure I was picking up on some telepathic communication she was sending me! But the truth is, I have no way to prove this — even to myself. It almost certainly was just a coincidence. So to answer your question, probably not; but it sure seemed that way at the time.

Hawaii sponger

Usually I stay out of these bozo arguments. This time Im throwing a punch:
The majority of the above people who answered apparently dont understand what telepathy is.
Its sorry to see that mankind has sunk to the level of considering themself soley part of the physical world. You people who jump up and down and clamor that there is no such thing…. perhaps if you were more sentient and functional mentally, you would see otherwise.
Blundty, you people are just broken so thoroughly, youve lost sight of the nature of man and shouldnt even be participating in a Spiritually-oriented section. Go fight over what color rocks should be instead.
My straight answer to the questioner:
yeah, Ive experienced it quite a bit. Its nothing more than a higher, more refined form of communication. Reading thoughts is what it boils down to. People experience this on a small scale all the time and probably dont realize it. Being a telepathic sender is much more uncommon. Peoples “telepathers” are broken, so to speak.

Ambassador From Hell

I saw a friend of mine and asked her a question, but I said it to myself silently. I didn’t make even a whisper. But she turned around and answered me. I will never forget it as long as I live.


There are a couple of people w/ whom U. have a strong rapport. We are close friends but live in different towns. We tend to have the same insights and start very similar projects at the same time w/o ever discussing it. Once he was developing puppets for a local access TV show while I was 100 miles away making fantasy dolls and stuffed animals/creatures.
I’ve also had many moments of precognition, having a vision which later come to pass. I cannot call these visions up but I have learned to recognize them when they happen. I connect w/ the members of my meditation group regularly.


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