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Have you ever had an experience with mental telepathy (if you don't believe in it, don't be a jerk about it)?

Have you ever been able to use it to get someone to call you or do something specific?
What did you do to do this?
Suspend log, that is telekinesis when you move things with your mind, telepathy.
Again, I do request that people who don’t believe in this idea refrain from wasting their by being a jerk.


  1. Never, and I have tried.
    I’ve tried those websites where you try to predict the cards like the Duke paranormal tests, and all that stuff.

  2. If I think hard enough, the Mc Nuggets will dip themselves in hot mustard then float in to my mouth.
    Sorry, not trying to be a jerk. I’m a funny troll. Not an offensive one.
    Pathy, kenesis.. Whatever.. They are both fake.

  3. Mental telepathy, is a fact of science. Has nothing to do with the supernatural, do to the fact that the supernatural is a myth. The brain is a transmitter and a receiver, but not every one is capacitate to receive the waves, but every one do transmit.

  4. I know of people who think they can, I also know people who can affect other people with their thoughts. Every one of these mind benders have become quite mad. Imagining everyone else is inside their heads. Who would be so interested in other people that they don’t get on with their own lives? Best left well alone.

  5. I have dreamed WITH people about 8 or 10 times. HAd the exact same dream at presumably the same time. Dreams that we were both in , and after discussing it, it was obvious that we dreamed it together

  6. Yes, My now ex husband was to fly into Fl from NY. He phoned me to say hi. As we were talking I had a horrible feeling he should take a different flight, I told him this and he paused, then agreed that if I felt strongly about it then he would. (this was not the first experience we’d had). The plane he was to have taken, had serious engine problems and hit the runway shortly after lifting off the tarmac!
    To this day he does believe me when I feel something is wrong.
    LOL It’s one of the only things we see eye to eye on!

  7. what people call telepathy, others call mental illness.
    it can be a crazy experience to hear voices.
    but when i asked for the gift of prophecy and prayed and fasted, i was visited by the invisible gift of the spirit of revelation.
    i experienced communication in the mind that can comparably be called telapathy. it is truly a gift of the spirit.
    the book of mormon clearly describes the gift of the spirit of ESP where by the power of the Holy Ghost one man was able to perceive the thoughts of another who was guilty of some wicked crime.
    the oppression of satan can manipulate such a gift and terrorize a person. ministering spirits and angels can also use the gift of telepathy for some good.
    clearly God has warned men not to ask for things they ought not to, because in unrighteousness, such gifts would turn to their condemnation.
    and men, through learning sorceries and witchcrafts, have learned to Fake these spiritual gifts
    there are even a few examples of government technology which exists today that can send holograms and voice to skull messages.
    so though the scriptures declare that God can communicate with men and prophets, current events also prove that man can violate the minds of men as a weapon of deception.
    The audio links Here:
    these links will show you what i mean.
    but YES i have asked for and sought the gifts of the spirit in all sincerity to do and be a true servant of christ.
    and have experienced all kinds of good and evil ESP but i also confess, i suffer from persecution and overwhelming odds that i have not always walked perfectly in my life. i ask god for forgiveness and hope for understanding from men as well. (maybe i should use the word sympathy)

  8. Yes I definitely do know it exists in some people. It is not magical or anything and some day there will be machines which can measure it. I have always called my kids to me when we went shopping, they were not too young to wander away. I just thought for them to come to me and they did. My son came into the store where I worked carrying his basketball and said “What do you want”? That was when I discovered I had a flat tire, he was playing basket ball with some friends somewhere I could not reach him.
    He was in town with his friends as a teenager when we lived somewhere else. He wanted me to go pick him up in front of the laundry mat. I was on my way home from 50 miles away where I worked. I thought “Pick me up at the laundry mat” and to myself I said “That is way out of my way home” I drove by and he and his friends were standing out in front waiting for me. We did not have cell phones then.
    When he was a young man about 19 he and his friends got into some trouble. He was in jail. I lived about 30 miles away as he did not live with me at the time. That was his only brush with the law in his life so it was not something I would think of on my own. I got dressed and drove to where he lived and asked them if he were in jail. They lied and looked surprised that I would ask. I said well I am going home so he can call me to go get him. He finally called and was up for release. I was waiting by the phone for his call as he had to be released. I could not just go down there and get him.
    One of my daughters finishes my sentences and knows what I am going to say before I say it. The other daughter does not have it at all. She never has.
    I believe that Adam and Eve communicated with God telepathically and that was broken when they became knowledgeable. My family sees it as everyday, ordinary stuff.

  9. When my cousin died in an accident my wardrobe started to knock quite load that night. I woke up my wife and she said “go back to sleep, you’re crazy”… I said, “look, if I ask my cousin what happened to him, the wardrobe will knock”. She said, “OK, ask then” . I asked my dead cousin and the wardrobe knocked again. My wife was terrified as she screamed really load.
    I read a book years ago about how to make somebody fall in love with you, it was an indian secret book, I am sure you could find it in a library. However, playing with these methods could lead you to loosing your mind as yoga gurus advised many times.
    The idea was to go to sleep with the image of somebody in your mind and hopefully that person will receive your desperate signal and start thinking or dreaming about you. Then you can check his/her reaction next day.
    The below source is not the mentioned one but you can try.

  10. lol, sometimes, like when i recieve a text message, ill be thinking about that person sending me a message but it wont come, then as soon as i stop thinking about it, it comes…
    not all the time though, so i on’t really believe much of it


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