Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had an experience with Astral Projection?

Have you ever had an experience with Astral Projection?

Have you ever had an experience with Astral Projection?
Please describe in detail because I want to study this is college! Thanks!!!


  1. I believe I have. It was several years ago and it was by accident. I was 19. I was sleeping when I had what I thought was a dream. But it didn’t feel like a dream, it was different. I was moving down the street; it didn’t feel like I was walking. It was at night and I could see the street lights, kind of old fashioned with the globes. Next thing I remember I was standing either at my boyfriend’s front door or just inside it, I think it was a screen door. He was in the kitchen sitting at the table. He had his back to me and was doing something but I couldn’t see what it was. He didn’t turn around to look at me so I guess he didn’t see me. I don’t remember anything else but the next day he showed me a picture he had drawn the previous night, at the kitchen table. It was of two bluebirds with a heart between them.
    I hadn’t heard of astral projection or out of body experience (OBE) until a few years later. I realized then that I likely had experienced this phenomena. I haven’t consciously tried this.

  2. Yes, I do it.
    How can you study this in college?
    Is there an actual major?!
    Lol, the best way to learn about it is to do it. No text book or teacher can teach you anything about it.

  3. Astral Projection, is a very real experience that is worth trying.
    I am only 13 and have projection happen to me all the time. My experiences have always been bazzare. One of my most remembered ones,I had requested when projecting to see one of my past lives. Eventually I found out that I was a spirtual warrior for god. Their is good and there is evil in the astral planes. My family worships god, i mean big time. The kind of people who drink holy water everyday, prey, you name it. One big thing to avoid in astral projection is Demons. This is nothing to play around, when I happen to come across them I just say ” in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave” It always works, they hate anything that has the least bit of light in it.
    Once when i was astral projecting I walked to my bathroom and I sawmyself, one half of my face was painted black the other half white, never did I understand. I then walked into my parents room and there were these strange looking creatures. One thing to realize is that in the astral planes there are no limits to anything. Whatever your mind seeks or wants gets. It feels just as real as it does when your in your physical body. You can feel your bones when your up walking around, but technically your still a ghost, so you can never get hurt in the stral planes no matter what. Anyways its different for everyone, and basically anything you have ever wished you could do, you can do. your thoughts control it. If you imagine yourself going to saturn you can actually see yourself passing the other planets, you may also see other astral travelers when you are projecting.
    Good Luck!


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