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Have you ever had an epiphany and not been compelled to tell anyone?

Think about it…. When ever we have a bit of spiritual growth or enlightenment why are we compelled to share it or teach others?
Is it ego?
Is it sharing love?
Do we seek to be justified in what we see?
Are we unsure and want to see who else sees what we see?
Do we want to be seen as an anointed one?
Can we be enlightened and only wait for someone to ask us?
If we hold truth it should be self evident in the way we present to others, either by the glow or either the light of divine love shining through.
Understand there is no judgment here for in reality the answer has two poles of understanding.
One pole is to know the nature of things. God is and will always be divine love and nothing can separate us from that so why try to convince anyone of a certain path as all is divine love guiding all of us. Why would we ever doubt that our brother is not rightly led or that God has abandoned him? He has in fact never abandoned me.
The other pole is when we see suffering we wish to show our brothers a way out of their burning. But who are we to assume we know what is best for them? For out of great darkness great light is revealed. Much is purified with burning.
Sort of a conundrum isn’t it?
Factor in how much of our attempting to help is our ego seeking gratification and well … this should be a cause of great introspection…
Blessings and peace to all,
All in all,


  1. My epiphany was when I knew to myself that God didn’t exist…
    I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and didn’t tell anyone for 5 years.

  2. I share my experiences because I like to compare with others, as I am interested in how others percieve reality. There are some experiences that I have had, however, that go beyond verbal, and I realize others have had similar experiences; so we have something in common to work together with.
    Unity is not ego. Sharing truth without desire is not vanity, it can help others to find themselves, as people in my past did for me, and I am greatful.

  3. Yes I have. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to put into words something that God revealed to me. And it’s even more difficult to speak about it, risking someone will make fun of me or not believe me. Too precious an experience to hold up to ridicule.

  4. Yes I have.
    And no. I’m not going to tell it now.
    Any enlightenment that can be told isn’t true enlightenment.

  5. Well, my answer to your question was “yes” but then your subquestions assumed it was no.

  6. Well, you seem like an understanding person so I will share this with you.
    According to Sufi traditions in Islam, epiphanies, and miracles that happen to you are to be kept a secret and told no one.
    There are many reasons for it: testing your level of patience, avoiding the trap of falling into ego, and many more.
    You dont seem like a sufi, but your ideas are very similar.
    Also, I have something to say about with holding truth.
    Ancient sufi scholars never spoke the truth outwardly and kept it to themselves most of the time.
    They only shared it when it was absolutely necessary and or one of their students required a step forward in their teaching.
    This practice was done with the intention so that you dont ‘spill pearls in front of swine’ and consequently cause the irrational and sometimes even blasphemous behavior of those who are ignorant/blind to Truth.
    As it is, most Sufi’s know that God reveals the Truth to those who: seek it, and are ready for it.
    The sufi then is the vessel, and God is the doer.

  7. Every time I have an epiphany, and that happens all the time, I always share with my oldest daughter, she is 18, because I know she is in the same spiritual level that I am and she is the one who can not only understand, but also add to my thinking. I don’t share with everybody, simply because it is not everyone who can understand the things I can. However, when questioned, I answer other’s question with what I know, because I think Enlightenment comes with the search. If someone is asking me, that means he/she might be ready for that.
    I agree with you, there is no need to rush and tell what we know to everyone, try to look smart or anything, simply because we are in different levels of Enlightenment and all of us will get to the top eventually. I respect, accept and understand that naturally.

  8. In my opinion I truly feel that sharing our growth of any kind may help others in some small way. I know when I share that is why I share, just to help. It may not be right for them, but it can help to inspire them to not give up hope. That is what you did for me. Though I have no particular organized religion to guide them towards, spirituality is where I find my solace and inspiration.
    I do know some who do it for attention, or to try to sway people to believe one way or another in organized religion.
    Just my opinion.
    Love and light ~:0)

  9. Sharing some experiences are just not wise, especially living in the bible belt. I too hesitate to share the most profound spiritual experience of my life. Some would laugh, some would condemn, so I’m learning to just let my light shine and shut up. I guess that is what Jesus meant when He said,” cast not your pearls before the swine.” Once He told a man He had healed of an infirmity, to go and tell no one. This experience is in the category of the occult.
    I was invited to a seance. After my twin sister and I arrived, we saw prominent business people there. Some in the medical field. My sister and I were sitting side by side at a little folding card table. We all held hands and prayed for protection and asked only holy spirits to manifest. While holding hands, the table began to move by itself, forcefully swinging in a circle and stopped abruptly within an inch of us and never touched us. This his happened several times until the medium said, the spirits want to know who the newcomers are. Quickly, we replied, “I’m Ann and she said Nan. The table stopped instantly and never moved again. Our father had died several years ago. The medium said, there is a gray headed man here that died of a heart attack and has a message for Ann. Instantly the most holy of holy presence quickly moved through me, as it literally took my breath away. I felt it move through every cell of my body. I will not disclose the message he gave me as he walked through my whole being. It changed my life forever. No one on earth will ever convince me that it was not my father. No earthly words can describe the feeling of the profound peaceful heavenly presence, that was not of this world. Knowing one day, I too shall enter that splendid heavenly Divine realm for all eternity. Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, what He hath prepared for those that love Him. Enlightening to me is an understatement. Mind blowing is more like it.
    You mentioned the perfecting fire of God and it reminded me of a song I once heard.
    Move a little closer
    Where the fire is burning
    Move a little closer
    Where God builds this man
    Fear not the fire
    Fear not the burning
    For only the fire
    Can purify this man

  10. Conundrum, indeed…but then, after all, we live in the world of polarity, do we not, where opposites arise. This is the yin and yang of the duality world of ego. Beyond this swing from pole to pole in our ego-driven world lies Absolute Truth whereby there exists no confusion, no conundrum. When one has “realized” (so i am taught), one has risen above such confusions…there is no choice, no this or that. There is only All That Is, spilling forth in harmonious perfection without boundaries, barriers, or projections from ego-mind. Enlightenment presupposes the dissolution of that very ego-personality that wallows in the changing poles of uncertainty/certitude, confusion/clarity, self righteousness/lack of confidence, and knowledge/ignorance… it is all the “stuff” of illusion. We are not charged with converting or convincing others; they must “realize” within their individual context…their own time, their own way, following their specific path as Source Itself counsels and guides them. Ego seeks solutions; enlightenment IS the solution, wherein choices and solutions no longer are necessary…as every moment arises, perfect harmony is experienced in alignment with Source. Enlightenment unfolds wise responses without logic or thought; one is guided through Absolute Intelligence to proper actions and, therefore, proper outcomes. And the hallelujah is that every moment is perfect; it cannot be otherwise, for the Wisdom of Source is instantly and constantly expresssing beyond the limitations of ego’s self-serving ignorance. We must “let go” of ego’s penchant for judgment, for it can neither hold nor express All That Is and Its Wholeness. Absolute Truth and Love are beyond human ego’s ability to understand; the only choice is to merge with full willingness and cooperation, as an unseparated container for The One to experience and fulfill Itself. Source flows infinitely and eternally through our temporary forms as we come into and out of being, serving Existence in Its flawless expression. Each is perfectly formed, and all circumstances are perfect within the wholeness of All That Is. Nothing is in error; no one is “less than.” Each is as it must be in every holy moment. There are no mistakes, nothing to be “corrected.” What a recognition…that all is perfect as it is. This is freedom…when the separated ego collapses into its own perfection, surrendering to and becoming one with The One in perfect and eternal union. There is nothing to be “done;” the only requirement is total acceptance of What Is in every holy and perfect moment, becoming one with Source as Source’s willing vessel.
    i am Sirius.

  11. My experiences are very close to my heart..they are too precious and sacred to me to be shared with anyone ..I have guarded them like a treasure that no one should see or know about.. They are the joys in the deepest part of my heart..So I never shared them with any person in my life
    I dont know why people would want to share them and its especially since no one can actually hear with as much as love , reverence and a deep understanding as you have for them …I mean its enough that they have blessed your life in deep ways and another cant have value for them as much as you do

  12. we do not want to be alone in our view of the world…
    in answer to your question; there have been many times when i did not feel the need to share an epiphany, and yet others when i thought i would burst if i couldn’t tell someone..

  13. There is nothing left to be said, Sirius has said it all. One short paragraph has covered the whole of the Bible and the Koran.
    A living example of how the purified vehicle becomes the flute of the divine.
    Thank you Love light.


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