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Have you ever had an astral journey?

I’d like to know more about astral journeys, because i have tried, but i couldn’t have an astral journey…
If someone has had one, please, tell me, how did you do it?and tell me how was it


  1. Yes but you have to be a shaman. Only shamans can cast the spell. You can only use it once every 15 minutes.

  2. Believe it or not we all ocasionally journey in our dreams, unaware of what we are doing, I’ve heard. There are books you can buy to instruct you in this prctice, but I hear it is often risky and can be scarey, so I haven’t attempted it myself. Good luck and be careful.

  3. I’ve dabbled in the new age and things like this. There is a pull at us for curiosity with things like this. As the serpent told Eve, “ye shall be as gods knowing good from evil”…the lure of hidden knowledge and supernatural experiences. As I said, I’ve dabbled in things like this in the past and I found out for myself that there is spiritual wickedness attached to this. I was in over my head before I realized. When I went to seek help, I found truth in Jesus, in an Apostolic church. See: http://www.apostolic-churches.com/
    I use to read things like this when I was curious and looking for info on new age stuff and roll my eyes. But as a voice of someone whose been brought into bondage by this stuff and experienced it’s dark side and been delivered and set free by the power of Jesus name, I can tell you that this is not as fun as it sounds. And as far as a supernatural experience goes, the miracles, healings, and infilling of the Holy Ghost with the gift of tongues are supernatural experiences that I now am blessed to enjoy! Astral projection and channeling are demonic…be ware.

  4. There are several definitions of astral journeying. The most provocative and popular is an OBE (our of body experience) in which a person feels that that she has physically separated from the body and can move around in a familiar or fantastical environment. About 10% of the normal population can do this spontaneously, and it can be learned (there are a bunch of book out there on it and learning how to do it is important in some schools of occultism). It happens commonly as a symptom of epilepsy and schizophrenia. It is not a supernatural happening; it is caused by a paroxysm in parts of of the brain that cause a misreading about identity and place regarding the body and sense of self. You really do not “come out” of your body during these episodes.
    Lucid dreaming–or dreaming itself– also has been regarded as a kind of astral journeying.
    Forms of guided meditation in which a person visualizes going into an environment and having interactions is also considered astral journeying. You also find instruction and commentary about this in books on shamanism and occultism. It is the form of astral journeying that I do and facilitate during monthly workshops on meditation and sound.

  5. Like any skill, it takes practice. Getting to the astral consciously is the same.
    Astral projection is a very real and natural process. Astral projection is provable to anyone that has done it. Because of the nature of the astral, a different dimension, one can not bring something back from there except for their memory of it.
    The only way to prove that it exists is to learn how to project and investigate things for yourself.
    It is a little much for this forum to explain the whole process of projection but I can recommend a great website that will teach you how to project. It is where I learned.
    They offer free online courses in Astral projection and dreams and a few others related to self knowledge. Top rate site and you can even post questions on forums and in the chat room so that course instructors and other students and like minded people can answer them.
    In the mean time if you have any other questions feel free to email me.


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