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Have you ever had a very dramatic spiritual awakening or a outer body experience?

In september 2001 i was involed in a very serious motorcycle accident, i got run over by a truck broke all my ribs both sides back and front broke both my shoulders and coller bone and had heamaphorax in both lungs, i was unconsious for ten days in the intensive care unit they did not think i was going to make it because of the severe crushing, after about weeks i was put on a ward,Late one night i was feeling very deppressed and in a huge amount of pain when i saw a shadow coming up the ward as i looked the room lit up white and it was my dead grand mother, she put her hand on me and said you are going to be ok James at this point i left my body and left the terrible pain i was in (i was free from powerfull medication at this time) i started spireling up a colourfull tunnel towards a very bright white light my grandmother was with me and then i started to come back and i came back into my body and back into the pain, It was the most Blissfull experience of my life. Every days a gift.
Every day is a gift and i beleive ive been saved for a purpose i have never been the same man since, im not religious but i have a strong belief in a god and pray every day that if i may be of some use to you today please show me the way and give me guidance and strengh, sorry about my spelling and grammer.


  1. Powerful testimony, brother – thanks for sharing!
    You may also want to read a similar experience in a great book I just read this summer “Ten Minutes in Heaven.”
    I also had an out-of-body experience in my teens (which I later learned, is not all that uncommon). And it convinced me beyond every shadow of any doubt that we have some life, some existance, some consciousness outside and apart from our physical bodies when we die.

  2. I’ve had an out of body experience but was not induced by trauma. I actually had it beyond my control. Freaked me out something fierce though since I wasn’t prepared. But it is a beautiful experience. I’ve learned how to induce them and what signs to look for to fully detach my etheric body from the physical. Next time I go in, I’m looking for my family!

  3. Ive been up that tunnel aswell i didnt want to come back, i had a heart attack my heart stopped twice, so twice i went up that tunnel you describe and twice they bring me back with a horrid electric shock. True every day is a gift and it does change your life.

  4. What a beautiful testimony James !
    It’s ironic how something so devestating can actually turn you into a stronger and happier person ! I’ve never had an outer body experience as such, but I have seen the ghost of an elderly person when I was a little girl.
    I was sleeping in my mother’s bedroom. Her back was turned so she did not see what I saw “the ghost”.
    I asked her who the person was in the room and my mother responded: It’s the sandman ! This reassured me at the time and I just looked away from the ghost. I was only 6 or so.
    The next day I asked my mother to draw me a picture of the sandman, and so she did a detailed picture for me. It was the same face as the ghost’s (she hadn’t actually seen the ghost herself). When I was a little older I realised that I hadn’t seen the sandman but a ghost of a woman who had died in that room. My mother also remembers putting alot of effort into doing the drawing for me….
    On another occasion, many years later, I felt the presence of “someone” whispering my name and squeezing my arm…..it was very, very un nerving.
    Testimonies such as yours combined with my own experiences, do convince me that there is a spiritual afterlife.

  5. I have but would rather not talk about it, and i believe it happens cos of the drugs they have you on nothing more.


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