Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had a spiritual awakening?

Have you ever had a spiritual awakening?

What was it like?
Ok, this is just a poll. I’m not asking how to have one or where to go to get one. This poll is asking if you’ve had one and to share it with us if you like. Thanks.


  1. during my seperation, it was amazing becuz it was the most painful time in my life yet it was the closest i ever felt to God and in that time i realized i didnt have a need anymore for relationships i could be alone and i felt great being alone, kinda hard to describe but ever since then i have been in this pure state

  2. YES I have, well it was more of a spiritual renewal. At times, I felt there was no resolve unless I died. That was enough to wake me up out of the misery that was my life! I was just so sick and tired or being sick and tired. Holding on to years of self-hatred, anxiety/depression, grudges against people I resented, and animosity I have felt for many years towards people that was never released. I just prayed and prayed to be rid of those negative thoughts and that mind set. The Lord dealt with me and I no longer have the grudges or the anxiety well not as much. I used to get panic attacks and I no longer get them now because I have learned to deal with issues face on. I have become much more confident over the years. I still struggle with insecurities but its not as bad as it once was. Sometimes you just have to learn to let things go and only then after you have forgiven those who hurt you can you truly heal as an individual. Your spirit and soul deserve a clean slate. Forgive yourself also as well and let go of all the baggage that is in your life. Move forward. Do not forget the lessons life teaches you! This is the best advice I can give for anyone going thru a similar situation. Your latter will be greater than your past. And also know that if you delight yourself in the Lord he will grant you the desires of your heart. My spirtuality has kept me mentally and psychologically stable. It has helped me get thru difficult times when I honestly felt I had NO ONE! God lifted those burdens off of me, now this is not to say I do not still have certain issues because I am human so its a constant struggle but the beauty is I no longer have to go thru it alone. I have my faith to protect me from that.


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