Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had a reading from a psychic medium?

Have you ever had a reading from a psychic medium?

If so, can you share your experience?
I have an opportunity to see one this weekend & am trying to decide whether to go…


  1. No I haven’t. Stay away from psychic’s and mediums. It’s a nasty way to open up your life to the demonic realm. If you go anyway, you will notice changes in your dreams and the way you feel. Fear will take root. Don’t open up yourself to that. God’s Word the Bible forbids it for good reason!
    Demons are able to give you pieces of truth about your life and dead loved ones because they were there! Steer away!

  2. Yes I have. They told me that I was pregnant and was going to give birth to a baby girl within the year.
    Guess what?
    1 year later I’m still not pregnant and have yet to give birth to any child, let alone a girl.
    Oh and they also told me that my dad’s name was actually Sean (or Steve…they couldn’t read his name clearly…go figure). So after goading me into thinking I had a different father, I had a paternity test done and guess what…my dad (John) IS actually my father…and his name has always been John.
    So I’m sure you won’t mind me saying that I think psychics are bullsh*ters who capitalize on other people’s misfortune and fear.

  3. My friend did it because her grandpa had died and wanted to see if he was okay. Apparently the medium told some scary accurate stuff to her that included inside jokes between the family. She was pretty freaked out. Her dad tried to convince her that it was a scam and that they probably traced her credit card but she payed with cash. Go if you want but if you go your mind will probably wander to places that you wished it never wandered to.

  4. Save your money. Psychics are no more than con artists, really. They cold read you to find out information, then say vague things that sound good, so you’ll listen to them. A better bet, if you are trying to figure out what to do with your life is to talk to a counselor of some sort. Like a financial adviser, or a career counselor, or someone like that.

  5. I have seen quite a few mediums since I live near a community of them – some are more intuitive than others but I am always open to what they have to say. Here is my experience with one of the best:
    A few years ago I was watching a tv special where he was reading for some celebrities (the only one he has ever done as he usually avoids publicity). His readings were so amazing and on target I just watched with my mouth open the whole time. After the program I started researching him and I came across a book that was written by a former skeptic. During his investigation of George, during which he tried many tricks and tactics to expose him as a fraud, he eventually concluded that he was a genuine medium with extraordinary gifts.
    The book had such a profound effect on me because I had always been afraid to die. I’m not afraid anymore because I now have confirmation that this is just the beginning. Another thing I learned is why we are here – to learn and be good people. It really put things in perspective for me because no matter what ups or downs you go through, they are not as important as what we “learn” from them.
    My husband has lost a lot of close relatives since we’ve been together and after his dad died in 2002 he was pretty devastated. I asked him to read just the first few chapters of the book (something he normally would never do as he is not into self-help books and he is a big skeptic). Well, after reading the first three chapters he said “I want an appointment with him!” I couldn’t believe my ears. So, we set up an appointment with him in Long Island, NY which took a year and the day finally arrived in 3/03.
    Our hour session was nothing less than amazing – many of my husband’s relatives came through including his mom, his dad, and his stepfather. All of the things they said and their personalities were dead on! Then my grandparents came through and told me that they knew my dad was very sick and not to worry because they would be there when he crossed over. My dad had been diagnosed with cancer and as his parents died over 20 years prior there is no way they could’ve known. They told me that the only reason they brought it up was because they knew it wasn’t news to me and they wanted to comfort me. George told me after the session that their concept of time is different over there so they could be talking a year or five years before my dad would be joining them. Now he only has a few months to live but we have so cherished all the big family get togethers we have arranged over the past five years to make sure we didn’t waste any opportunities to spend with him. Because my husband had lost so many relatives and I had lost so few, his took up about 45 minutes of the hour. So, we have an agreement that sometime after my dad passes, we can go back so I can have my own hour.
    I regularly order used copies of the book “We Don’t Die” so I always have one on hand when someone needs it. George has also written some of his own which are great but I always start people with the first one because it was written by a former skeptic. For more on george you can visit his website:
    He was tested with other mediums a few years ago by scientists in “The Afterlife Experiments” and he had the highest rate of accuracy. Now I don’t believe everyone who says there are a medium is one but I know George is!
    I say, why not go? You have nothing to lose. Just go with an open mind…


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