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Have you ever had a past-life regression done? Have you had a repetitive dream of another life or home?

Do you feel a connection with certain places or things or periods of time?
Wow, instant. Do you ever really meet the people you dream of meeting?
So you’re a psychic actor. That is so cool!
I’m sending this to voting.


  1. I don’t know why, but Australia has always been a big thing to me. I’ve always wanted to go/live there.
    I’ve always also had a thing for acting. I have repetitive dreams, but not about past lives. Usually about people I don’t know that I end up meeting.
    Lol I have on more than one occasion. I had a dream about a man coming into where I work and trying to feel me up and hit on me, and the next day a man came in with his wife and tried to hit on me and touched me….Bleh..I also had a dream about my mother talking to a lady about a job and I gave her the name of the woman (that she would have to talk to), and it turned out to be the woman’s name at the place which she was contemplating working at.
    I’ve dreamed about a bunch of other random faces, and I am passionate about my acting. It’s what I want to do, and on more than one occasion I’ve had dreams having to do with it. Recurring dreams, of success lol. So we’ll see.
    Now I just sound crazy lol.

  2. I have been trained as a “Past Life Regressionist” and during the course of that training I underwent several Past Life Regressions. I have also performed past life regressions on numerous people. Past lives are fun to look at and talk about but they are nothing compared to what is right here right now.

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