Have you ever had a near death experience?

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I am wondering if you guys have every had a near death experience, if so, what was it?
Mine was tying a Zip~Tie around my wrist, and almost getting a blood clot, i tightened it all the way, and the scissors were broken, so we had to use broken scissors to cut a fully tightened zip tie off of my wrist!

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Yeah, i was in a the wrong place at the wrong time and i almost got shot.


No and proud of it!

Fangz :P

no, thank the lord.
if i did, though, i’d want it to be something cool. like i was on some super spy mission, and just as i was about to get shot, quick thinking made me jump off the roof onto a smaller one and run away. . .
sounds groovy.

♥ᴎɢ** ツ

I was once in a car crash, and I screamed my head off when we crashed even though it barely did any damage. [overreacted] :[}

Charity :]

I was like 3 and was in a pool and slipped and was under water wayy too long.
and my mom got in a car accident.
I was 9? and we were going to lock her building btu then my best friend pulled up and asked if i could hang. not even 5 mins later my mom go in an accident and still has pains today. she didnt get ptu in the hospital but me weighing soo little i would of went thru the wind shield :[

i'm in all the right places

not yet…..


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