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Have you ever had a near-death experience + your sign?

I’m Capricorn and I have never had a near-death experience. However, I am interested to know if anyone on here has ever had one. If so, care to tell us your experience. Also, state you sign as well. You can also add any additional information such as rising sign, moon sign ETC.


  1. yep … quite a few times.
    i almost drowned twice.
    almost got ran over by a car….
    im a scorpio …

  2. Leo. Yes.
    I flipped my kayak, hit my head on coral, and drifted along upside down watching the pretty bubbles and pretty fish…
    No bright light or choir of angels… just drifting away.

  3. Twice.
    I don’t care to tell of either of my experiences, simply because they are personal.

  4. There’s a book called ‘Closer to the Light’ you would like, it’s about children who have had near death experiences. It’s written by Dr. Moody.
    I haven’t had one but I think it’s an interesting subject. I’m a Leo (although I don’t understand why you think a person’s sign has anything to do with it).

  5. I’m a gemini. One time I was in an accident and actually THOUGHT I was dead. It was really wierd. I was like wow being dead is just like being alive. Of course I was out of it cuz I hit my head but I guess thats the closest I’ve ever come thank God!

  6. i’m an aries, but yes i did, i almost cracked my head by myself and would have bleed to death. i was on my trampoline and i did a back flip way to close to the end (i have an enclosure) and half of my body fell out of the enclosure and luckily, i leaned forwards and i ended up with only bruises and scrapes, it scared me silly!
    and i almost drowned and i blacked out at the bottom of a pool, luckily some one saved me

  7. i nearly drowned on my drink
    i breathed some in when something hysterical happened n i cldnt breathe normally for ages
    was funy tho
    and libra
    tho it wont have anything to do with me being stupid lol

  8. No I have not. This has also interested me. Watch the movie “Flatliners”. It has an all star cast from the early 90’s. If nothing else it will give you a new perspective on it.

  9. yes. i’m an aries
    2 years ago on Halloween i was almost killed by a drunk clown with a real chainsaw and with the chain on it
    i was almost killed by a car
    i almost drowned
    i almost fell out of a roller coaster when the seat belt came loose
    and i almost got eaten by a shark when i was bleeding
    i’ve had some rough times and nearly died a lot of times.

  10. I’m a virgo.
    And yes, I’ve had a few near-death experiences.
    Once on the rollar coaster call “Outer Limits” at Kings Island.
    The thing that was suppose to lock over my shoulders came loose right after the ride took off.
    I will also note that this particular coaster starts off at 60mph.
    Google – *Kings Island Coasters* and you’ll see its the truth.
    Another experience I had was YEARS ago when I was still with my ex, Josh.
    He was a complete nut.
    We got in a simple arguement and he went crazy.
    He took off on the wrong side of the highway and was driving towards oncoming traffic.
    I honestly thought I was going to die that day.

  11. heart attack on may 20, 1988 at 11 am edt in St. petersburg, fl. born feb 15, 1943 1:53 am CWT chicago, il
    Scorpio rising, cancer moon, aquarius sun. 2 grand trines and 2 mutual receptions in chart.
    Clinically dead a few min lost oxygen to my brain. when I woke up, I could not read or write. It came back to me over the next year.
    I imagined I had gone on to the drug store when I saw the bright lights. That is where I was going when I had the attack.
    20 yrs later, I am ok

  12. Yes! I have my son was 8lbs 12 oz and I’m not a very big girl. He liked to kill me. Seriously I lost alot of blood and my body went it to shock (i shook and shook for hrs). It was scary. I told my husband (now ex) that I didnt think was gonna make it.
    But you know he was so worth it 🙂

  13. A little more than ten years ago I was on a boat that capsized off the coast of Jamaica! The shore was almost out of sight and since I couldn’t swim I really thought I was gonna drown! Thank God I’m alive today! By the way, I’m a Capricorn. Born on Christmas Day even!
    Rising Sign: Scorpio

  14. Yeah’ it was 2;00 a.m. i was drive in the country side i was so mad because i broke up with my girl friend i curse the devil and i challenge him the nex thing i know i is that i feel asleep wen i woke up my car was upside down and people trying to pull me out. i am Libra. for me this was a near-death experience no lights tunnels no images just darkness.

  15. Yes I had one near death experience ; and it was so peaceful and so wonderful and its very true that you do not care at all about material things ; you don’t even think about it and you would like to stay there forever ; but I came back I am a Libra

  16. Yes
    I nearly drowned when I was three because I wanted to be in the “big kids pool” with mommy =/
    And I can’t tell you how many times I almost got hit by a car, but that probably have nothing to do with my sign because I’m an absented minded retard. And lastly I almost died from dehydration but luckily there was people around to get me water.
    Oh and btw I’m a Leo. :3


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