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Have you ever had a near-death experience or OBE in which you saw something beyond this life?

I have heard a number of testimonies of people who upon near-death accidents or heart attacks, etc, have left their bodies for a time, gone through space or the like and then experienced wonderful or horrible things…. Do you have a real story of this kind to share?


  1. This is from one of my blogs-
    There have been quite a few OBE’s for me over the years. I’ll describe 2 here.
    The first was when I was really young, and had chicken pox. I started running a fever one night, and stopped breathing in my sleep. My younger sister came in and was worried I wouldn’t wake up. After shaking me for a bit I finally took a breath and came back to. While in this state though, which lasted a few minutes, everything was black until I looked up at these large black, elaborately decorated gates. There was a handsome man standing before them shaking his head. He had short black hair, blue eyes, and a jackal tattoo on his right shoulder. I asked him who he was and he smiled and said “anubis”. I asked him if he was the guy in my closet, and he nodded. (those who know me, know that I played with a guy and a woman in my closet) He told me it was not my time to cross through the gates, that I needed to return. At this point he smiled, and said that he’d see me again soon. I didn’t think much of this and let it pass out of my mind.
    This leads into my next story which happened several years later. I was about 4 or 5 years older and was at a swimming pool with my family, on a camping trip. There were a lot of people who were around, including a life guard and my family (of course). I was getting a little “ballsy” you could say, and went down to the edge of the 4-5 ft part of the pool. I didn’t know at the time that it did a straight dip to 5 feet. Bouncing along and not aware of this dip, I lost my footing when I slipped into this dip. This is where the physical parts of this go hazy because I don’t remember much of the mechanics that happened. I only know what my mother told me. I was bouncing off the floor of the pool, splashing and yelling for help, and as usual the life guard was more interested in the hot girls in bikini’s that were present. My mom caught me out of the corner of her eye, and started straight for me after putting my youngest sibling on the upper part of the pool. By this point I had blacked out, and don’t remember this, but I do remember everything going black and seeing the gates from my first experience again. Like before, the guy was standing there waiting for me. Anubis shook his head, and said to me “It’s not your time, you need to stay away from this place for a while. I will come to you when you are capable of understanding what is happening to you. You need to return to your realm and find yourself. I will see you again and be watching over you.” He poked me in the chest so hard that I felt liquid come out of my lungs, this is when, my mother who had grabbed me up, had thrown me against the wall of the pool forcing the water from my lungs. When she reached me I was floating on the water.
    The reason I brought this up, is because everyone has their own experiences and their own beliefs as to what happens after death occurs. I did not see a white light, or a white tunnel with relatives. I just was… I have had a few other experiences, but none as vivid as the two I just mentioned. The point here, is that no matter what happens after death, we should live our lives in the moment. We can plan for tomorrow and hope it comes, but it’s the moment we are in right now that is what effects what will happen later.

  2. Hi Dave,,
    I guess this might qualify as a Near Death Experience, although i had NO experience to relate. Years ago, I had a life-threatening road traffic accident,in which i suffered serious injuries and was unconscious for hours afterwards and when i regained consciousness, i had amnesia. No recollection at all of anything that had happened and even wiped out some events just prior to the accident. Twenty years later, and i still do not recall the events leading up to, during and following the accident. During this “comtose” time, i did not experience anything at all. It was just like nothing had happened and i had just blinked. Timelss. No dreaming and no awareness of the physical world around me.
    I know this doesn’t not really answer your question. I wanted to write it so it shows that even when close to death, there can also be NOTHING that occurs. Well, that’s how it was for me. I agree with *Nikole*: that everyone’s near death experience or OBE will be different for everyone according to their beliefs.
    However, when i have had OBE unrelated to any traumas or near death experiences. I can see and feel myself out of my body and up, say, on the ceiling. When this has happened, i am usually with a young girl who wears a plain white dress. I am actually elevated and can see the room just as it is and know that i am two places at once. It is strange and difficult to explain. But i guess the truth is that everyone will experience these supernatural things in different ways, just as we do when we are fully conscious.
    Best of luck, health and happiness.

  3. I’ve written about an NDE and OBE for a controversial issues class and it was awesome. This was during college. However, i ran this idea by the instructor and she approved of it.
    I wrote about something going wrong in the surgery room many years ago, possibly seeing my mother freak out at the doctors and the operating team going off at each other and calling each other names because the lines suddenly went flat and nobody knew exactly what to do.
    I woke up and had the sense that something went wrong, which was true. I woke up in much more pain than I was supposed to. I felt like I was body slammed three times. It was the fact that someone had shocked my chest in order to get the heart working again, that’s why i was in more pan that ever.
    I asked my mother if she was actually freaking out and going off at the doctor and she actually was. I couldn’t explain how I seen it happen or how I knew. It turns out every person in the operating room got fired because someone put too much medicine and caused the flat line.

  4. i kinda did i guess. when i was 18 or 19 im 26 now. i was almost hit by a car and 4 a second or so it seemed like the whole world vanished and i was alone in this weird white place competely empty of eny thing.


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