Have you ever had a near death experience or know someone who has?

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I’m just interested in this subject. When you had a near death experience what did you see, remember? Do you believe in near death experiences?

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not like that but ive been saved by angels 3 times..

Tom J [ClOnED]

Also please answer. The asked is thinking about comitting suicide…
Maybe you can help…


I’ve attempted suicide.. I guess if your talking about religion then I’d being seeing the gates of hell welcoming me with open arms. I don’t believe in that though.
Apparently I didn’t swallow enough pills.

turn it up

I have a friend that had one and he said he blacked out and didn’t remember crap. The vast majority of the time that’s what happens.



rainbows are yummy >:)

well my mom drowned in a pool and she said that she saw a small streak of light but she snapped back while her brother was giving her CPR

Nik Tao - Third Eye

Every Nite win u go to Bed – yu die to this World.
Every Morning win yu AWAKE yu are Born again to a Brand New Day.
Only THE MIND seize sum other Version.
therefore TRAIN yirrSelf to LAFF w/ a Whole Heart every eve b4 Bed
and 2
AWAKEN each Morn L A U G H I N G wholeheartedly Once Again
w/ total abandonMINT.
ZEN u will have FOUND yirr P A R A D I S E.

Amethyst Moon

Yes I have on November 11,2004 I had a heart attack (strange for a strict vegan and work out nut) but yes stress kills people. I died for 1.2 seconds came back with out paddles returned on my own it changed my entire life/and being…..I saw nothing no bright light but that doesn’t mean I’m headed for Christian hell I do not believe in those Christian labels…I wasn’t gone long enough it wasn’t my time…I came back with
a new outlook and I set out on my spiritual journey..I found truth and the best belief path/Religion which filled all I was looking for. Everyone’s is different like our lives each is designed just for us no one is exactly the same Thank the Goddess! I still reme,ber vividly seeing, knowing Truth…


I’ve almost killed a man by accident, my anger got the best of me.


Yes… last october my heart stopped twice, so I was technically dead. I always believed in the afterlife and angels, and seeing all your loved ones in heaven. When I died, I saw nothing. This is when I stopped believing in God.


My old neighbor had a near death experience when he had open heart surgery. He is not a christian, but when he “died” he said he was in a place like a baseball stadium and saw several people he knew, that had died. When my mom and i talked about it, we both were thinking that he was in judgment (if you are a christian you would know what that is). But i believe that judgment is when you go before God and he chooses where you go. If you want to read a book about a guy who “died” either buy, or barrow from you library “90 minutes in heaven”. This guy died for 90 mins, then came back to life.
Hope this helps!


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