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Have you ever had a Kundalini experience? If so care to share it?

Two years ago some very interesting things began to occur spontaneously for me…and the best description is ‘kundalini’ as the blissful, peaceful, creative consciousness was amazing and very profound. I am a Quaker and some of the ‘symptoms’ of Kundalini were ‘shaking’ and Quaking – which aligned well with my concept of Inner Light and Quaker ‘quaking’.


  1. I have not had a kundalini experience, but I am familiar with the concept and have studied it. I have known others who have experienced it and it (while being a “wow experience”) did not end well.
    Kundalini is curled up in the back part of the root chakra in three and one-half turns around the sacrum. Yogic phenomenology states that kundalini awakening is associated with the appearance of bio-energetic phenomena that are said to be experienced somatically by the yogi.
    Kundalini results from prana energy and following this path on the inner results in a dead end. The path ascends upwards, then forks left (vignan energy) and right (prana energy). Once a practitioner reaches the highest level of prana energy, they can travel no further, therefore if they desire to ascend higher into the pure positive worlds, they must retreat back and take the “middle road”.
    While Kundalini may be psycically entertaining, it is not recommended if one is seeking a pure spiritual path.

  2. Kundalini is the feminine half of God that created the physical body. She goes to sleep in the sacral bone after she has formed our infant body. When she awakens, it is to reach out and find her other half, to be reunited with him, the masculine half of God. He is mind and consciousness. To do this she has to purify and cleanse our body and shake off the layers of ego (judgment, bias, attachment etc). She uses the energy of life force on the breath to do this which leads to the physical vibrations.
    Sometimes the pranic shaking can be confused with her movement. Some people call this a kundalini experience when it is just prana moving through the body.
    When she finally is aroused she shifts our ego in a profound way and our life changes accordingly. There is some good info on http://www.biologyofkundalini.com. I have no connections with the web site.


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