Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had a genuine experience with Tarot readings?

Have you ever had a genuine experience with Tarot readings?

What have they told you that came true? Have they ever said anything about you which they wouldn’t have known otherwise?
Or the opposite was it all a bunch of shite


  1. i think it depends who does the tarot reading for u!! if its a Professional than its probably genuine if its ur friend probably not lol

  2. I’ve had some awesome experiences with a Tarot reader. Although it wasn’t laid out as ” fortune telling”. It was simply what I was “leaning toward”. Really kinda caught me off guard to have this lady really hit things on the head. Without discussing anything about myself, she inferred from the cards what my recent history was and what I was concerned with regarding it. For me it was interesting just to have my conscience thoughts and unconscience thoughts laid out infront of me to examine.

  3. I’ve had several. Tarot cards were originally used as a meditation tool it wasn’t till later that they were linked with Wicca and black magic things like that. I started reading cards for fun but after a couple very insightful readings, one in particular I began reading regularly and now It’s one of my most common meditation tools.

  4. Yes , I have read for my partner with accurate results and when I’ve picked cards out for myself they are more often than not on the ball.


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