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Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real that you recall it as a stored memmory?

I have heard of lucid dreams, out of body experiences, remote viewing, esp, past life regression, dejvue, and other potentually scientology linked explanations, but I have not heard a decent answer as to why, I can swear I have been able to move objects with my mind. I have also recently had a dream that was so real that it almost scared me to death. I was driving on a snow covered mountain road and l lost control of the car i went of the mountain side and I asked God, “God please don’t let me die” at the exact moment that I should have inpacted the side of the mountain I woke up with my heart racing.(thank you God, for saving me!) I have heard that if you die in your sleep you die in life. Has any one heard this before? and has anyone had a drwam where they died?


  1. i have not died but have had many dreams where i am riding my bike and just flip off of it, but just as i am about to hit the ground, i wake up

  2. I had a lucid dream yesterday. I threw myself down the stairs in a violent tumble and when I hit the bottom, I could feel myself slowly sinking through the floor towards the bottom of the earth.
    The dimly lit rooms appeared smaller and more distant as I sank. I tried to sink as deep under my house as I could, attempting to catch a glimpse of hell, but I woke up.
    Lucid dreaming is actually a great form of entertainment for fear and horror junkies.
    Many years ago I had an extremely vivid lucid dream about flying. Then I woke up into a non-lucid dream where I was telling my mom about the lucid dream I just had. The next “awakening” was finally real.

  3. Yeah.I dreamed lots of time that I fell out of my window and that I died ,but hey I am still alive.I dreamed many times that I had accidents while I was driving in my sleep.I dreamed that the road split into halves and I fell down below the earth.I dreamed of the apocalypse.I dreamed I was talking to my dead uncle .I dreamed of my dead grandma talkin’ to me on the phone.Sometimes I dream of something and feel like I’ve dreamed of it once before ,that it was a stored memory.I dreamed that I could move things with my mind and it was a very good dream actually.I wish so much that I could move things with my mind.I dreamed several times before of the death of my loved ones.I dreamed of being chased by thieves and murderers.Is that enough?Hope I helped.


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