Have you ever had a dream of being in sweat lodge with a poet a furry mammal, a sumo wrestler and some fruit?

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Only to wake in a cold sweat realizing you were trapped in a VW Bug with Buk, Cel’s Giant Beaver, Food Dude and Watermelon Nerd
Oh the horror.

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are you highh by any chance?


every day 🙂


no…but I’ve brushed my teeth with an apple before


thats a call for help


You weren’t complaining when your ears were cold…..


I’ve been in a lot of sweat lodges and it feels like we’re all sardines.
Fruit? LOL!


your reality has been my dream and your dream has been my reality….

Professor Playstation

No. No. No I have not. No.

BlueBelle Got Spanked ©

I never get the good dreams.


Drats, I was hoping to be involved in that.

Watermelon Nerd, Ginor Mass

You spelled “whore” wrong…
*puts head back in your lap*


I don’t find that terrible at all.


and all of your parts are still there?
….wow ….WOW !!!!! … you indeed are the luckiest man alive

Intrusivosity With Medium Doubt

I woke in a puddle of Miracle Whip… (as usual)
My mom’s like “again” ? Then tosses me bologna and Wonder Bread.
Strong bones build…….

I Said It

No but I was trapped in a hot outhouse for three days with a fat turk holding a giant sweaty pig eating pumpkin and spitting seeds does that count?,,,, probably not.

warrior soul

why no I haven’t, but I did have a dream once about giant guinea pigs on my front lawn


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