Have you ever given up on getting back money that you LENT to someone on religious grounds?

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I once decided I could not waste the energy on someone who begged me out of a couple hundred because wasting that money on someone of my own faith was a lesson I needed to learn…I had to learn to say no.
And since everyone else was asking about lent.

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Zac 117

Yeah I gave a dollar to my friend to dump on his beliefs, chill we were laughing about it, it was pretty funny.

Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!!

Yes, once or twice.
I am so happy to see you, it has been awhile.

space monkey

Oh boy- I hate to tell you how much money we have “loaned” out to friends. Yes, even “church” friends AND family!
Oh no I don’t think we will ever get it back either.
Have to remind ourselves that God says- loan without really expecting it back sometimes!
And SOME of those friends- well we keep them as friends, but our wallets are shut to them, oh yes!


If I lend money, it’s because I have the money to give so it’s not money I really desperately *need* for living expenses. So, if I lend money, I do so without the expectation of getting it back.
If I do get the money back, that’s great. If not, then I hope when the person who received the money is in a place where they can help someone else, they will do so freely and generously, without expectation of getting that money back.


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