Have you ever found your Psychic powers? If so, what are they?How powerful are you?

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Have you got more cosmic energy? have you got more supernatural powers? do you believe in soul love?
HaHA that’s funny answer mathew

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No Chance Without Jesus

Don’t you think the world would be full of rich psychics if it were real???
They wouldn’t have to have roadside palm reading studios to bilk the gullible if it were real.


Completely understanding the heckling and thumbs down votes I will get for this, I am going to answer you honestly anyway….
I have found that I am clairvoyant and clairaudient. I also read cards and converse with the other side with a pendulum. I don’t know that I have more cosmic energy necessarily because the way I look at it is that everyone is capable, most choose not to. I would call them more supernatural or paranormal oddities than I would powers simply because of the connotations involved with ‘powers’. I totally believe in soul love. That stems from my belief in reincarnation and the fact that we have all been here more than once and likely have managed to love the same ‘soul’ more than once in our travels.

mia delight

There was a time when I actually devoted more time and energy to the psychic side of my life.
It has diminished a bit, just due to lack of exercise. I cant tell futures I just pick up things about people and i don’t need to be in the room with them.
I get pictures in my head but sometimes I don’t know what they symbolize. I can look at a picture and know if the person is living or dead. When the weather is rainy especially lighting storms it works best.
I believe in soul love.

Matthew B

I predict your question will not get any answers!
Disclaimer: This is not an answer, nor are the answers above or below this answer…..which is not an answer
your lucky lotto numbers are 7, 13, 69, 007

man of not knowing

I have not found out my powers yet? did not know you could have powers here on earth. But I have been to the spirit world before. If that is a power?


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