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Have you ever "felt" someone staring at you? Do you think that it's possible to sense such a thing? How?

That’s happened to me, my sis, and my mom several times before, and I kind of wonder how it could be scientifically possible. Maybe chemical reactions that can be smelt and translated without consciously realizing it? Some sort of telepathy that we haven’t really tapped into evolution-wise yet?
Just curious 😉


  1. yeah its very common. its the same thing that allows us to read others and sense their emotions by looking into their eyes. its the same thing that gives people the ‘I’m being watched’ feeling, knowing when security camera is looking at them, a guy is gawking at your behind, etc.

  2. it is possible but some scientist believe it is an uncomfertable feeling the human brain may comprehend and also you can hear things that might sound like nothing to you but your brain alerts you

  3. If you are good looking, it is easy to sense this because usually someone is looking at you. I can’t remember how many times I think someone is staring at me, I look over and the are. I think you can see it out of the corner of your eye (peripheral vision).
    No it’s not telepathy or hocus pocus. People stare at people when they are attrative. Haven’t you ever noticed that when your all dressed up that people look at you more than when your wearing gym clothes and your a plain jane?

  4. Do you ever feel you?re being stared at by someone you can?t see?
    Parapsychologists say many people report having this feeling, but the truth is there?s no proof that such a psychic ability exists.
    There have been ample experiments in which a researcher stared intently at the back of various people?s heads for long periods of time without the subjects having any reaction, according to a report in the Skeptical Inquirer.
    If you think logically about it, there?s no way you could know if someone is staring at you, yet we all kind of believe in this phenomenon. This is because there are occasional incidents when you turn around and see an old friend and feel “instinctively” that you know he or she was there.
    This isn?t proof, friends. What about all the other times you?ve turned around and didn?t see someone you know?
    Numerous studies have concluded that people cannot tell when they are being stared at and I agree with them.

  5. Yes, it is a relatively common phenomenon and one many of us have experienced. I personally liken it to the effect known about in the field of radar when a scanning beam is detected by the object, such as an aircraft, which is being scanned. The frequencies are dissimilar but the effect is very much the same.


  7. WHOA WHOA WHOA.. No you guys are not super heroes!! It is possible to just have the feeling that someone is staring at you. Staring is very powerful, even dogs don’t like to be stared at in the eyes. Eye contact is very rare these days. When having a conversation with someone, it’s very hard to hold eye contact the whole time.
    I learned about this in psychology.

  8. I think it is the same thing that connects humans. Science cannot explain everything. Empathy and associated feelings are an amolglumation of this very basic truth.
    What about oobe they are documented. Nobody can explain why however.

  9. “Feeling” someone looking at you is just a sense of uncomfortableness that’s felt all over, usually associated with when you see some looking at you unwaveringly. It happens unconsciously, and is not linked with any extra sense. It just occurs when you interpret the situation as uncomfortable.
    My personal experience with this feeling has it sometimes being correct, and sometimes not. I attribute this to the laws of probability. If someone says their feeling is always right, they are usually using a self-serving bias, which is to say that they only take the information that helps their hypothesis, and ignore the information that is contrary to their hypothesis.

  10. i know what u mean. i feel that all the time. its like some sort of magnetism that makes u feel as if someone is next to u looking u in the face or something. i read somewhere that it is like a force that exists in our brain that makes our senses super alert to our surroundings. its like a magnet exists in all of us and like if u stare at someone that magnet reacts stronger and u can actually feel it. i don’t remember where but its a scientific website of some sort.. try google searching: extra sensory feelings -and see what u get!

  11. I have this same experience.
    I believe the soul
    or spirit
    has “feelers”
    like legs , or arms, more like arcs of light that reach out and “feel ” out the person
    Like when you lokk at a person sometimes you may bemuse in your head , what kind of person , is that, why did they put their hair up that way, why does their forehead have that crease, are theymad, worried, are they going to harm me..all these thoughts come very rapidly, and you are asking them in your head, but I believe the thoughts are alive and actually physical, like electric energy, and they come out and search the other person to find the answers, whether you are consciously trying to do this or not. You can actually fine tune this ability.
    A good example of this is in the movie Minority Report-
    In it, they have these ” spiders, and they run around and scan people s eyes,..
    I think we have this ability to scan people and some have walls up and are harder to read than others, but if you scan the wall, and figure out what the wall is, why it is there, it can be removed if the subject feels understood why the wall was enabled in the first place.
    Kind of like a video game.
    I think you can fel when people are scanning you.
    Actually quite good for you, because you may catch things from happening to you that are less than auspicious.

  12. I’ve experienced this many times before. Maybe it’s just kind of what you said. I mean, that’s a possibility. I always just… feel someone’s presence. Like they’re staring into my space bubble. Ha.

  13. Yes, you can sense someone staring at you. You can see it happen in others, for example by staring at the driver of a passing car. Sometimes the driver will startle and look at you.
    This may be a sort of peripheral vision thing that is below the conscious perception. You glimpse someone from the corner of your eye and turn to find them staring at you.
    Another possible explanation is the kind of long lines that fish and other animals have that allow them to sense the approach of predators from changes in electromagnetic fields. It is quite likely that some sort of similar sense apparatus exists in humans, but that we aren’t highly conscious of it.
    Yet another explanation might be pheromones or other olfactory sense of others. We process a lot of olfactory information but don’t seem as conscious of it as other primates.


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