Have you ever experienced the "Old Hag Syndrome"?

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AKA “sleep paralysis”. When you wake up but are completely paralyzed and it feels like someone or something is sitting on you keeping you from breathing or speaking. You also get the strong sense of evil in the room. If so…explain….

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yes, & it is very scary!


What’s to explain..it is called dreaming. Not sure it needs more explanation than that.


Had no idea this experience was a syndrome–let alone had a name. My son experienced such a sensation… which led to his carefully considering his spiritual beliefs and adopting a more open-minded attitude about religion in general.


I’ve never heard it called “Old Hag Syndrome”, but yeah, I’ve had it happen. Unfortunately, the only explanation I have is that it must’ve been a bad dream.

Dorie A

Yes, and it is terrifying. But scientists say that when someone wakes up directly out of REM sleep, this is a common occurrence.
I one time went through this phenomenon feeling that there were hands groping my body. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t scream.
It took all my mental concentration to pull myself out of this state and I couldn’t go back to sleep for a long time because I was still terrified.

Faith Skipton

It’s not that evil is in the room it’s the fact that evil is inside you. Your good nature is telling you to say put until the evil within subsides. It shuts down most of your systems except the ones needed to live. i’ve been there. I’ve been taken to the hospital because i was late for school and my parents were notified and came home. My teacher wasn’t angry but worried that something had happened to me. They came home and found me in bed with steady tears rolling down my face. I was unable to talk or move. After three hours in the hospital and four at home i was able to move. They said it was just a system breakdown. A very unusual case. I just thought it was my inner good surpressing evil.


yes but i later found out it was some fat guy thet broke into my house and layed on me and kept on farting


Yes. But then I realize it is my 22 lb., tub-o-lard cat – who I’m convinced is the Dark Lord in disguise…


sleep paralysis is a throwback from our hunter/gatherer days, caveman days, a long time ago. Back when we where not on top of the food chain and we were not the most powerful preditors. It is a defense mechanism that kept us safe at night. If we were asleep and moved, that would alert preditors out to get us. So our nervous system prevents the body from involuntarily moving while we are most vulnerable, while we are in a deep sleep. It is not supposed to continue when we are conscious but it does happen. If it happens while we are having a bad dream it seems logical to associate the feelings of terror and fear with evil but it is in our minds.

Evil Mistress

Yes I have, and I do not for one minuet believe it is sleep paralysis. You may want to go to may home website Book-of-ThoTh.com/html.
It is a real scary experience to go through Hugh!!!!


ok, some of these people are a little scary….
sounds like you could be talking about night terrors too. some can be more elaborate than others, and there may be more to it than you remember. I haven’t experienced them, but you may want to check out this website…


Yes, but later it turned out I had gastro-oesophagal reflux disease/syndrome.


Yes I have and for more than a month, once every few nights I get the same experience. Each time when I woke up, the clock always shows between 1:25am to 1:30am. I am very sure it is definitely not REM. I had so much of it during that period of time, fear turns into frustration and frustration turns into anger. The problem is resolved when one night I decided to “turn the table”. Ever since then I never had that experience…for more than 10 years now.


I also get this often, one theory is that it is our astral body comming back into our normal body,once u have it a few times u get over it though.
Just remember u will awaken and not 2 panic.


Yeah, I’ve felt that. I woke up and knew I was awake but I couldn’t move or anything … I didn’t feel like anyone/thing was physically preventing me from moving, but I did feel a presence in the room… a vaguely threatening one. It was pretty scary, once I was able to move, I spent an hour or so calming down.


its is a sleeping disorder causes you to stp breathing while you sleep…… Sleep Apnea


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