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Have you ever experienced telepathy?

I’ve, lots of times. & that’s because my best friend’s an expert of it. I’m not so good in that. Plus, I’m too shy to tell ppl that I’d tried telepathizing at this time. So I’m not sure if I can do telepathy.
But I’m sure that telepathy’s possible & many times it just occurs without anyone even trying to do it. I tell you about some instances –
There was a connecting switch with our doorbell for keeping it off so that no one could disturb us before we woke up. That morning I’d forgot to turn it on & when I remembered I just ran & turned it on & immediately the bell rung. My friend was there at the door & she’d tried to ring it a couple of times before. So, it was telepathy what made me think that I must turn on the switch.
Another time, I was sitting at home & suddenly had the feeling that my best friend was about to come (she hadn’t come here before). She didn’t come but hours later she called & said she’d been outside my home but went back & it was just when I had the vision


  1. A close friend of mine (much older than me) gave me this ring when I was little… Was during troubled times in my life…
    She said, ‘whenever you’re sad and you need me, rub the ring, and i’ll know’…
    So I did…
    I kid you not, the next time I saw her, without me saying anything, she said ‘you rubbed the ring on xxx day xxx time didn’t you??’
    So, perhaps some form of telepathy was experienced here…. 😉

  2. some people believe and some people doesnot. . . but if you’re very close or concern with somebody sometimes you’ll experience concerning the thoughts, feelings or activity of that person


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