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Have you ever experienced telepathy, precognition, or telekinesis?

I.e. reading or transmitting thoughts; knowing something was going to happen before it happened; being able to move things through thought alone; and stuff like that ?
OK so tell us about it!!


  1. Telepathy, yes
    Precognition, yes
    Telekinesis, no
    Telepathy I have had with three individuals in my life-happened so consistently with two of them that I couldn’t doubt it any more. (Example, my daughter cut her hand badly while on a hike with a friend, I was at home and I found myself up and moving toward the door without even knowing why I was moving, met them on their way back to the house, and knew before anyone spoke what had happened and how many stitches it would need.) (Another example, one person would consistently pass me whatever I needed at the dinner table just as I was about to ask. I was feeding kids as well as myself so it wasn’t from habit or routine that the person knew what I was about to ask for.) The third was someone who read me, I couldn’t read him, but we weren’t well acquainted and he couldn’t have known what I was thinking any other way. (we made some tests.)
    Precognition-small things like reaching an intersection while driving in thick fog, heard a voice in my head say A car is approaching from the left, I waited three seconds and there was one. It was a very unused country road so it probably wasn’t just chance. Sometimes I get hunches, like I’d better get my work done early today because I’ll need the time for something later in the shift, or, I’d better bring my phone with me, and a few minutes later it rings.

  2. Something came into my mind and told me that my mother died about 25 years ago. I was 5000 miles away and it was so profound that I broke down and cried. I was very scientific and agnostic before that. I still am a scientist. I hadn’t talked to her for a few weeks and didn’t realize she was so seriously ill. It also told me some unlikely things about her that were later confirmed. I seriously doubt that people can sense something on the other side of the world, but something cared enough about my feelings to communicate this to me, apparently to spare my feelings.

  3. My sister has experienced precognition numerous times…..especially if it was something to do with me. It may be because we’re so close. (No, we’re not twins either. We’re 2 years apart & look nothing alike.) One example:
    I was out with some people one night & was going to be staying at someone’s house. We ended up doing something stupid (not normal for me, I was a huge goody goody back then) & I had a freak accident where my face was closed in a car door. (long story!!) Needless to say, I had to be rushed to the hospital & someone went to call my parents to inform them. Apparently not even 2 minutes before the phone rang at my house, my sister bolted awake & had the horrible feeling that something was wrong with me. When the phone rang (at 2 AM mind you) my sister went rushing out of her room & as my parents were about to get the phone, she told them that something was wrong with me & that’s what someone was calling about…..before they even answered it. They were surprised when they answered & she was correct. It wasn’t like a “well duh it’s 2 am & obvious” kinda situation either cause it was normal for us to get middle of the night phone calls at the time….I have large family with numerous health problems. My parents had told me about it. My dad doesn’t believe in this stuff at all but was still completely surprised & actually believed my sister.
    I don’t know if this would tie in with any of the others but I have a friend who ends up feeling the same feelings as those close to him without even knowing the feeling or being near them. His gf lives in a completely different state & there was one day he was feeling depressed & suicidal & something in his head kept telling him to call his gf ASAP. He did & it turned out she had been feeling that way all day & would’ve done something if he hadn’t have called her at that moment. (She’s been going through some extremely hard times lately.)

  4. I do have psychic ability. I don’t consider myself to be a strong psychic but I did
    predict where that killer of that fashion
    designer would be found and I was right.

  5. i have. there was one instance where i was standing in a loud crowded music store. my friend was on the oppisite end of the store. i swear on my life i heard her calling my name so i went across the store to find her. i found her facing a cd rack holding a cd i had been looking for earlier in the week. i asked “did you call me?” she said “no, there was no way you would have heard me, but i was just thinking this is the cd you wanted on monday wasnt it?” it may just be that we are so close but it happens so often it feels like there is something more to it. i also have found i feel other peoples emotions about as strongly as i feel my own. if someone comes into a room, feeling happy, then i feel happier. if somene comes into a room feeling sad, i can go from happy to feeling sad the second they walk into the room even if i dont see them coming in.

  6. Yes, the first two run in my family, maternal side, mostly female but my brother has it too.
    The typical familial telepathic connections like others described here, my brother knew when our mother rolled her first car, I musta been busy ‘cuz my reaction was delayed…but when certain online friends and I say the same thing at the same time, that’s when things start to get interesting, because we’re strangers in real life, we’ve never met. And it’s not with all my friends online, just a couple. But I have connections with real life friends, too, friends I’d trust with my life, and have.
    As for the premonitions, yeah, I get ’em. I believe in animal spirits, guardians, totems, whatever you wanna call ’em. I knew an otter once, still online, but that’s how strong we connected, I learned his totem and didn’t even have to try. Ya know that flash you get when a bulb burns out when the switch is turned on? That’s how it hit me, learning his totem. Well, about a year before he died, I had a dream…an otter came up a hill from a riverbed toward me, stood up and gave me a hug…there was a cabin on the hill, he met me halfway between the cabin and the river. My mother’s aura was with me there and I had the feeling that the land rose high around me. The next summer, I was in Alaska with a college group and convinced my mother to enroll too. We were camping in a dry river bed and we kept our food at a cabin up the trail while our water came from a glacial waterfall down beyond the cabin. This day, it was my turn to get water and my mother went with me. Half way up the hill it hit me like someone had just pulled a rug out from under my feet…I turned slowly to take in the scenery and saw everything I’d seen in my dream, except the otter. We left Alaska not long after that day. About a week after we got home, I learned my friend had been killed in a car accident while I was in Alaska.

  7. I had a dream there was going to be an earthquake, and then later that morning, there was a small earthquake.
    I frequently have this feeling, like deja vu all the time.
    Just to let you guys know..I know that hypnosis and levitation is real. I’m pretty sure premonition, telepathy, and mind reading is possible because the human brain is so powerful, it can learn anything. Scientists believe we only use 5-10% of our brain, so just imagine if we could use like 80-90%.

  8. yeah, to some extent yes I have experienced precognition. it doesn’t occur often sometimes it just happens for no reason. for example one time me and my family were going to go out bowling, but then I thought about going bowling and got a feeling that it wasn’t going to be that great, so I decided to stay home..my family went and when they came back they said it was closed. other small things like that have happened before to me. they may just be intuition though…Im still confused about how some people can know what others think without the other person telling them.

  9. No. Nobody has. It’s all myth and folklore. Nobody has ever experienced telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, or any other psychic phenomena. There are plenty of whack jobs though that will tell you that they have, and some even believe it themselves. A lot of people aren’t smart enough to tell the difference between coincidence and correlation, which is the main problem. The other main problem is that some people need to believe that they have special powers so badly that the power of suggestion convinces themselves of it. The power of the human mind to deceive itself is amazing.
    And enough of this “humans only use 10% of their brain” crap. Medical science has known for a long time that 100% of the physical brain is in use.

  10. When my Mom got sick, I had the premonition a few days before she was going die from her illness. She wasn’t terminally ill, she just had a cold. I had been gone for a couple of days with my boyfriend, and I told him about what I saw. I went home and told her I loved her, to yell for me if she needed anything. The next morning I woke and she had passed away in her sleep.

  11. I’m always thinking of things and then people say it, or I can put thoughts in peoples heads. I’ve never had a telepathic conversations with people though or been able to read a mind. As for precognition, my dreams come true e.g. I dreamed I was being chased through a casino with my little brother in his pushchair. The next day I saw the man on the cover of the paper. Turned out he followed a girl and her brother home and murdered them. I’m a Wiccan and I believe that this is why. I’m only 14 but I do have a full understanding of my religion. What is it called if you have precognition. If you have telepathy your telepathic but if you have precognition you’re…??? Thanks for reading. Xx


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