Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

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and didn’t know that is was called the hypnagogic state in which your alpha and theta wave frequencies are communicating in a for of synchronization.
This is the state in which many people who aspire to have an out of body experience look forward to.
Personal experience is the only truth. Why only believe when you can experience.
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did you feel engrossed with energetic vibrations or numbness?

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Lucky Fokker

Twice, very strange experience. It may be the explanation for many abduction and demon experiences. I have talked to a couple of people who thought they were being harassed by demons. I sent them to some SP websites and they felt much better, they felt this was what was happening and their minds were more at ease.
More people should know about this


one time – i was familiar with it already – so as it was happening i knew what was going on but it was still scary


scary! I have had experiences!
i know I’m awake but I can’t move!!!
And there’s this scary scaryyy one time that I can see my room, but I know my body is on the bed sleeping.. then slowly I can feel myself sit up.. but I KNOW I’M sleeping because I can’t move.. I can see things and I thought my soul was leaving my body and I was scared to not be able to return so I willed my soul to get the hell back to my body.


Only once, I didn’t think there was any paranormal or supernatural activity going on though. No demons or “out of body” feeling here.


I think I have. One time I was on my own in bed. I was awake but felt someone put their arms around me. I was on my side but the arms felt underneath me as well on top. I couldn’t move. I wanted to turn around but couldn’t. It seemed to last for about 2 minutes but was probably a lot less. The ‘arms’ drifted away and suddenly I could move again. It was very frightening at the time and I did think it was something supernatural at the time. The funny thing is though a few days later I read or heard something about when you’re asleep your body releases a fluid that makes you slightly paralysed and I put it down to that. It was a very strange experience and I’ve only felt it once. I can’t explain the ‘arms’ around me though but it may be something similar. Very odd.


yes, I was paralyzed and very aware of it—scary!!!


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