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Have you ever Experienced Sleep Paralysis (SP)?

It all started on December 12, 2006 and ever since then, it keeps happening:

I was laying in the bed on my stomach with my cover halfway over my head and i began to doze off, i fell a sleep without noticing and then what seem to feel like 2 seconds of sleep, i woke up and found that i could not move at all, i had no clue what was going on so i was terrified, This had never happened to be before until now. The only thing i could do was look around the room and that was it, i could not speak or yell or anything, Then i heard some laughing, and it was a creepy kinda laugh like a Grimlin or demonic laugh, I know it wasnt the TV because the cartoon Ed,Edd and Eddy was on. Then 3 seconds later, i FELT something run and jump off the foot of my bed, i couldn’t look to see what it was cuz i couldnt move but after it jumped of, i could move again. I was freaked out.

After this experience, i have had over 7 more accounts and it gets worse. My last time, i saw somthing looking at me. FREAKY!
I didnt know what this was until i saw someone talking about Sleep Paralysis on “YouTube” lol, and it sounded very similar to my account, I said to my self “I knew i wasn’t crazy” lol because my co-workers were joken me. It doesn’t matter what possition that i sleep in, it still happens and i have a since of someone being in the room with me, thats a scary feeling.
Yo cant turn around to see who or what it is but you can since it. Now it doesnt bother me as much because it happens so often, When i snap out of it, sometimes i feel like im going right back into paralysis, thats somthing that i dont think science can explain.

When i called on the name of Jesus, Everything was alright.


  • Yes it has happened to me on numerous occasions, especially if I didn’t get a good sleep the night before or if I’m particularly tired. I’ve also experienced the “someone being in the room with me” thing. The scariest one was when I saw two people standing at the foot of my bed but I couldn’t see who they were because I couldn’t move and could only see them from the waist down. All I know is one was male, the other female.

    I believe they have a term for this: it’s called hypnogogic hallucinations.

  • I think science regards the auditory and visual hallucinations you describe as waking dream experiences. Generally when dreaming, people are paralysed by their bodies so they don’t do things like sleep walk in response to the dream but sometimes the dream can happen while we’re awake and the body still paralyses us. I experienced this only once and I sensed I was being told by the presence (telepathically) that I was about to go somewhere unpleasant. Like you, I made a pact of sorts to calm myself down and it worked. I was able to relax and wake up properly or fall asleep (I can’t remember which; it was a few years ago). It was scary. I still remain an atheist, however.

  • My 18 year old has had this happen. I have heard that it can be spiritual- but it is also very physical. One thing I learned by researching it on the web is that it is scary however, there is nothing dangerous about it- it can be caused by a sleep disorder- my son has trouble sleeping at night, and it can be worse when you are taking antihistamines. I have tried to get him to go to the doctor however, he does not want too. He has never mentioned about thinking someone is in the room with him though. One thing he learned is just to lie then and not to freak out- it lasts shorter if you try to stay calm. I know that is hard to do. God bless

  • That has happened to me before (without the demons though), but I woke up and it was like I couldn’t move. It’s natural because you body goes into paralysis when you sleep, so that you don’t act out your dreams, and sometimes you wake up in the middle of it. It has happened to a lot of people at least once in their life…but if it keeps on happening to you then I suggest seeing like a sleep specialist or something. It’s not supernatural, just biological.

  • I’ve experienced that once it is pretty scary. i remember being able to look around and not yell or move. i felt a hand squeezing my throat. and i couldn’t breath. and all of a sudden it released.

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