• Its been happening to me all of my life! Now that im 28 it happens less frequent, when i take naps lying on my back. I was told by Silvia Brown, that in people who suffer from sleep paralysis, our soul leaves our bodies and we wake up before the soul returnes. If you notice you only have sleep paralysis while lying on your back.

  • Yes, i’ve exsperienced this many times since I was about 10yrs old. The first time it happened I awoke to see a beuatiful woman in my room, she had long pale gold hair and long blood red finger nails, she wore a long white old (like victorian style) dress. I couldn’t move or scream no matter how much I tried…sge held out one perfect long fingered hand to me…in my mind I was screaming “mom! Help me! I don’t want to go with you scary lady!” She became angry & her face and body changed into a scary crone (like the old fairy tale witches…like baba yaga) still unable to move or scream she climbed upon my chest & began to choke me. My mom came into the room (because breakfast was ready) to find me (laying on my back) gasping for air…she shook me frantically & I was finally able to move…& the witch was gone. I’ve had other exsperiences but that one was my 1st & absolute worst.

  • YEP!!….Happened to me several times…wake up, can’t move, dark shadow like figure comes around and sets upon my chest. It is extremely terrifying like, pure fear. It’s not like being scared, that’s nothing compared to this fear. It’s like a state of fear, hopelessness, and helplessness.
    WELL…the last time it happened was like 8 years ago several weeks after my wife was murdered. I was sort of falling asleep when the black hazy figure crepped up like a snake around my shoulders and back then around to th top of my chest..(I was lying on my back)…At this time in my life under the cicumstances I didn’t give much of a shit what happened to me so I remember saying in my mind, “I’m don’t care, I am just going to go with it”. When I did, the fear went away and the dark shadow conformed and melded into my deceased wife and I swear I was suddenly with her in a place of ultimate peace, love, and utopia!!.. It was a more real experience then being awake and alive here on this earth plane….Unbeleivably, I was able to talk, touch, just exist with her for a few moments.
    …..I have not had the “HAG” experience since that time…
    ….Wonder always about this.

  • Yes it has been happening to me since I was about 10 or so. Now I’m 24 and it has happened recently at a different hous when I always thought it was the old house. When I first began I would find myself awake but can’t move try to yell but nothing would come ou but a faint yell. I could barely move as if somtthing was holding me down. Absolutely terrified. It couldn’t be a dream because I would yell for my father when he was home, my mother when she was home and my brother wheb he was around, which made it even more strange. The older I get the less it happens, but it still happpens I remember a few years ago I couldn’t fall asleep then just as I did I felt somthing enter my body thinking in my head I was cussing really angry at what was happening thinking ohh when I wake up you stupid bi*** I’m gonna kill you but I couldn’t move I would wake up fine like nothing happened. The most recent one happened just a few months ago I am now 24. I find. My self in a paralyzed state with some evil force in the room me extremely pissed off cause I no longer scream for help or get scared I get really angry. Then all of a sudden I get some movement back barely the spirit or whatever it is is shocked and starts to go out the window scared ( I have a window right beside my bed) as it leaves the window towards outside it says shhhhhh shhhhh shhhh as its trying to get me to go back to sleep and forget what happened I then wake up lunged towards the windonw almost going through it screaming what the f*** do you mean shhhhh. I look around nothing around just the sound of my fan I then lay back down and sleep.

  • Yes..it is actually called sleep paralysis. It has something to do with the REM stage during sleep. It happens to me quite often, usually while napping.

  • Yes. I woke from a sound sleep to see an old lady standing
    before me. She vanished after a few seconds.
    She resembled an old fairy tale witch!

    P.S. I have also had an out of body experience.
    Where you wake up and cant breath or talk.
    And you are hovering above your body.

  • Yes, I have experienced it several times. Each time it happened was when a dream woke me up instead of just ending and me staying asleep. But, I awoke slowly instead of quickly, as usual. It can be very disorienting because both your mind and your body are transitioning from sleep to waking, but at different rates.

  • Sort of. I was waking from a dream in which my daughter was injured and in a hospital dying. I became aware that my physical reaction to this horrible situation was an attempt to scream, but I could not make any sound. Even as I became fully awake, I couldn’t make any sound come from my throat.

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