Have you ever experienced KUNDALINI awakening?

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ummmmm, I guess not…… I do not even know what that means……… but the word looks interesting…… go in peace….. God bless
OK, I looked it up….. and the answer is no…… sorry, should have looked it up to begin with huh ???


AKAIK you’ve got the ansewr in one!


Nope, but I know what it is.


Having been a student of the Western Esoteric Tradition, I have not studied or practiced Yoga or the Eastern Way, but there are correspondences between Sex Magick and the Kundalini experience, and there have been occasions when I believe that I have come close to such an awakening via the Western methods. I have thought that the sensations evoked in Kundalini would be thrilling beyond imagining as is the case with orgasmic Sex Magick!

Jack P

I can’t swear I have, though it seems I might have during a time when I doing a lot of study on the subject mid-90s.
At the time so much was happening in my life on a metaphysics level a of what happened during that period sort of runs together.

st teresa de avila,ocds

No I haven;t


No, never ever heard of it yet.
But I will find out about it for sure.


is that what happens when you sleep in the wet spot?


Ok. Bring it! C. :)!!

Think before you answer

Can you explain what that is? I have never heard of it.


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