have you ever experienced astral traveling? if so can you tell me about it.. and how to control it.?





i have been experiencing alot of sleep paralysis ever since i was like 14 i am 16 now.. and until now i went to the internet and found out what it is.. and then founnd out that you can go into astral traveling while you are in paralysis.. is this true? if someone know alot about this.. can u plz help me out.. its very interestiong to me.. and if i can chat with some one about this it would be very kool.. my IM is william_bonilla2001@yahoo.com.. add me if u want to talk to me.. also what is the diffrence between paralysis and astral traveling?


  1. everytime you dream your astral traveling. look up the lyrics for CREED and the song called HIGHER the whole song is talking about astral traveling. when you astral travel you can go where ever you want even into a different demension. its just that most people dont believe because there to stupid and let the media and goverment tell them what to believe in. everytime you have had a nightmare with a monster or scary being its been a being from a different deminsion. just try it its real fun. oh and i dont have IM but you can e-mail me at demenycalebs@yahoo.com

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