Have you ever experienced astral projection?

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Please tell me your story.

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No, and I highly doubt anyone has…well any sane person that is.


Haven’t ingested those kind of substances for many, many years now.

Common Sense


Steve C

I think I had that after I ate some bad chinese food.


Yes I have. I think that posting it in a psychology area of yahoo Q &A, you are going to have people shoot it down as some sort of abnormal psychosis. If that where true then why is it that people alround the world have experienced it since the beginning of recorded history? It is oviously got something of truth to it. Check out some books about Astral Projection, and OBE, you will get much farther then asking questions online. Then check out AstralPulse, it’s a messageboard for A/P and OBE.


No, and neither has anybody else.
There is no evidence of any kind that “astral projection” is real or even possible. There have only been a couple of actual scientific tests — mainly because most scientists won’t bother since the premise of it is so absurd — but those tests have shown it to be complete nonsense.


I have, and I am sane. Used to occur alot more when I was younger, now it is very infrequent. It was always very scary while it was happening, I felt inable to move, a state between awake/asleep. Never really share that, people do assume your nuts.

linda y

my son who is now 13 had a nde (near death experience) when he was 7 he clinically died due to a virus with high fever and seizures 12 in 2 hour period the doctors told me if they could save him he would be brain damaged the rest of his life due to the fact that his oxygen levels stayed so low for such an extended period of time he is now in 7th grade member of beta club straight a student in high school band and honary member of the high school math club he is doing college math has been in the math club since 5th grade he has won all sorts of science and math awards he told me that when he was out of his body he was told that his life had an important purpose and that he was needed to save lives he has come away from this experience with a calmness about death that is frightening to me because he is not afraid of death and he knows that he will live til the good lord is ready for him i know lots of people say that lack of oxygen sends chemicals to the brain that causes ilusions and memory cells but the things he has told me about loved ones that he never knew or heard about from anyone is all the proof i need and i hope that one day he will tell everyone his story about what he saw and felt that is his story to tell when he is ready but from what he told me i dont need a scientific explanation just my faith in what i know my child went through and the things he had no reason to know and the things he had no reason to lie about he doesnt tell others his story very often to others because he feels he shouldnt have to prove what he knows as fact and he told a good friend of mine prove my experience didnt happen


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