Have you ever experienced astral projection or astral sex?

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Peter Dragon

Isn’t Astral sex called sodomy?




never heard of it


i once had the same dream as someone that i know. we both had the same memories of the dream the next day. does that count?


No, because it dosen’t exist


where can u try ?


Yes to the first and no to the second.


I had the runs so bad once I thought I could go out and power wash my deck with my butt! LOL


Only when I was so drunk I was hallucinating being with someone…


Never had astral sex. Though, I do project my essence out of my body, on a regular basis, when I meditate.
Everyone should try it, it’s very revealing and relaxing.


Uh, no. So that is what passes for alternative science?


None of your business!

Peter D

I have experienced sex that was out of this world. Does that count?


I only kiss and tell on the astral plane 😉
Seriously though no neither but would be fascinated to hear about an astral sex experience.


I Astral Project almost every night. I have for years.
I have had Astral Sex once but I’m afraid to get too close to these beings that are on the other side….my trust level is not high enough…although I do speak to them.
You should check out this Astral Projection Website…


Every night….mmmm….


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