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Have you ever done selfish black magick and it came back and bit you?

Did you learn a lesson from it?


  1. Number 1: As much as we all want it to, it doesn’t exist. Just because people made stories about it, that does not make it real. Black Magic is just superstition.

  2. kinda one of my friends was performing a black magick ritual and they forgot an item, that was a fun night ironicly i told him not too, so he owed me, after that he stopeed performing the black magick side like that, hes still scarred from it today too

  3. Black Magic is real; I’m from Louisiana; New Orleans does it for Karma; Their religion because that’s what they believe in. My only advice to anyone, is to do it with cautious activity because what you do to someone will come back to you times 3. I have never tried Black Magic on anyone and I never will, but I do know some people who have tried and it worked on some people for revenge, karma, and evilness. It only works if you believe in it…

  4. i’ve thought about doing selfish things with magick ( i dont beleive in black magick, but in the context you used it i agree with you) but i’ve had enought bad karma from my other choices in life i always stopped my self and asked if all the regular things of life, adding magick would just make it really suck. i hope that i learn from my mistakes tho… cause it’s no fun doing them over and over.

  5. Somebody said they cast a spell on me to bring me bad luck, even though I didn’t do anything wrong to her and in fact it was the other way around if anything. They said they were a high level Black Witch bla bla bla big woop.
    Well since then, lots of good things have happened to me, but some AWFUL things have happened to her; in fact I think she’s kind of gone crazy.
    So don’t mess with it, because if it works at all, it rebounds back onto the person who casts the spell.


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