Have you ever done astral travel(OBE)? If you have can you tell me your experience with that and maybe some ti?

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Im trying to learn how to astral travel and lucid dream… any good books out there on the topic?

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its smee

How delusional are those who believe in such nonsense.


I had a weird experience (OBE) as a kid but that doesn’t mean it was astral travel. I remember being very comfortable and looking down at myself lying on the bed. The whole incident was only about 5 seconds


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frogma (tadpole due July 25th)

Lucid dreaming is just that; a dream. It sucks, actually, because for me they usually go into hypnogogic hallucinations. I despise lucid dreams.

never trust a <unt

i had an out of body experience once. it was crazy, you dont even remember you did anything until the world starts freaking out on you. like when neo took the pill and the mirror started swallowing him. yeah pretty insane


There is so many books on the subject, but what i think is good and what is good for you I can’t say. But read a few and get the just of it. They all basic y come down to the same thing , it’s just how it’s put. My experience was short but way cool. I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s like it seem real yet not. I just got a message at this fair and I went to lay on some bleachers at this field and I could feel my self going up and I could see the over hang over the bleachers getting closer. I have this fear of heights so that what brought me back. It was like weightless feeling and so exciting. But I lost it when I realized how high i was. Oh well it can happen again.

Tom 1

Two very good how-to books are:
Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington’s “The Projection of the Astral Body” and
Robert Bruce’s “Astral Dynamics”
They’re both considered classics, look: http://www.iacworld.org/english/jofc/browse-journal-archives/volume-2-1999-2000/issue-6-october/astral-dynamics-robert-bruce


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