Home Discussion Forum Have you ever done a miracle with the subconscious mind?

Have you ever done a miracle with the subconscious mind?

Is it true that what you ask for with faith you get it? Does it happen to you?


  1. as long as you ask it would be given and it happens to me sometimes…i mean you cant just ask God to give you a million dollars because it is you who makes that, so henceforth you can ask God for whatever you want but He has the choice to give it to you or not.

  2. This happens to me all the time. but as to the subconcious mind? The truth is Jesus Christ himself is the one who said; “All things are possible to him who believes. and also : “If you had faith as small as a mustard seed (one of the smallest seeds) you could say to this tree be uprooted and be cast in the sea and it should obey you. and if you say unto this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea if you do not doubt in your heart(center or gut i.e. deep down) but believe that those things you say will come to pass YOU WILL HAVE WHATEVER YOU SAY. The idea of the subconcious is scientific rhetoric to deny God or the spiritual. Don;t let them rob you of the full truth. Jesus also qouted the lod testament which said “God said to men: “You are gods” and then Jesus then said the scripture cannot be broken(in other words those words cannot be taken out or changed and hence have the force and authority of heaven, and Get this; when Jesus was talking about John the Baptist he said that the prophesy of Elijah (elias New testament) returning as Malachi says in the last book of the Old Testament. That John came in the same spirit and power of Elijah,who was next to Moses one of the greatest of O.T. prophets and Jesus says John was the greatest prophet ever born, then get this he continues saying” But the least in my fathers kingdom is greater than he. Jesus said that those who believed in him could dothe works that he did and even greater because he was going to the Father (when he went to heaven He ws enthroned as the reler of the universe so his word is universal law. So Anything his followers command in his name is universal law. I have in his name instantly stopped thunerstorms cast out demons, stood in front of a swordsman and he could not hit me. I have ordered a cloud covered sky to part like moses and the red sea and two perfectly straight lines into the distance, But all these I have attributed to the Name of Jesus Christ. But he did not stipulate that the person who believe the things he says will come to pass if you do not doubt he does not say “christian holy people only” It is a a universal because Jesus said it so it is like electricity, and there are thosands of examples of those who unknowingly put this universal law into effect in the negative, like those who say(and believe deep down) why does this”always happen to me” and so it does. Like electricity and it’s laws it can work good or even kill you. wether you believe it or not, wether you are good or bad, it does not care, so this law is always working for good or ill, because as Jesus said “you are gods” and the scripture cannot be broken.


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