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Have you ever been told that you give positive energy or negative energy to others? If so- Why?


  1. Positive. I am a giver, not a taker, I have charisma, a healing gift, and a sense of humor. It is my moral value to help others enjoy life. I am an entertainer too.

  2. Yes I have been told I give positive energy to others. Sometimes when a person needs someone to talk to, it is very difficult to find someone who is ready to listen only without even uttering a word of acknowledgement. People in trouble need to spit out their troubles in order to feel good, otherwise these troubles would effect their life-cycle. In acknowelegement to this patience, these people say that you have given them the energy to keep on going. On the other side if instead of helping someone the troubles spread, then their opinion of you would be automatically the opposite. What do you think?

  3. I’ve been told both of the above at some point in my life. 🙂
    –The Negative energy, I think is mainly because I *do* have a mood disorder, do get seriously depressed, and well….some folks just don’t or won’t seem to get it that if a Mood Disorder were some sort of “voluntary” thing I could turn on and off, and *make* go away at will…well, don’t you think I would have *done so* by now?? 😛
    But yeah, a lot of folks will give you that “negative energy” crap when you are down, when you have legitimate reasons for being in a crap mood. In this case I am not always sure that this is a negative *energy* thing–it might well be more of a negative *reflection* thing, in terms of mood reflecting circumstances, you know?
    –The positive energy thing is a weird one….not a lot of folks have noticed this from me and accepted it at face value, but….
    If I am fairly calm and relaxed when I am around people, and not too terribly busy myself….I tend to *boost* the mental endeavors of others around me. It usually doesn’t matter if *I* open my big geeky mouth any….if others around me are relaxed and open to it, it seems like they get a boost from being around me. And even for normal people, it seems significant enough to *attract* people sometimes, so that when I go shopping for instance, I will be at a place for five minutes and suddenly all the local students from the nearby university campus show up….
    But I really figured this one out from being in my apartment building. There are a significant number of elderly people and people with mental illness and outright mental impariments in my building….and it almost never fails, that when I show up, certain others do too, and that they are almost *always* more coherent and focused around me than around some of my other neighbors.
    And I am fairly laid-back and easy to get along with 95% of the time (and no, not an anal person the remaining 5%–the bottom five percent of the time I keep to myself), so no, I am not enforcing any norms or anything to my best knowledge….
    It just seems like when I can maintain it for myself that I bring a “calm, focused, thoughtful” type of vibe to others. Those that become aware of it in their own way kinda like it. I’m not sure what good it does *me* but there it is….


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