Have you ever been to see a psychic/medium/etc?

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If so, what was it like? How accurate were they?

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Might as well burn all my money.

Schizophrenic Psycho

no would not consider it –if they are psychic why dont they pick the winning lottery numbers and retire

David J

Its a gypsy scam…


have been to two
one was literally 10 min and was real bull crap
other was alright only thing that surprised me is she knew the dude i was dating his name started with the letter J and nothing that i know gave that away lol otherwise that’s about it everything else was a generalization that you can tell almost anyone


I have been to a few, couple of which were pretty good…one who was really not good, and a couple who were quite good indeed.
None of them were good with timing, though:)

Ivan C

i haven’t and i would never go.


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