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Have you ever been to a sacred site believed to have healing energies from the Divine Spirit?

by deirdrefaith:

Were you healed in some way? or anyone you know of?
Did you feel an unusual strong sense that was overpowering and positive? Did you feel this mostly emotionally/spiritually, or physiologically as well? or in a physical sense?
thank you!! 😀
Oh, I was referring to religious sites.
If you don’t have a real answer, why not just go to games and recreation or something ;-D {:-o

Answer by defOf
sure I knew someone, and then months later then he needed an exorcism when the spirit came to collect.


  1. Yes, I have, every night. It’s called my bed, and while in it, with my eyes closed and my mind closed, the most incredible thing keeps happening! I rejuvinate like nobody’s business. I feel this on every level, even physically. Glory!

  2. Sis, the only hope we have is in Christ alone. There are no web sites or men or women that have healing power. Trust the scriptures, try to practice the New Testament teachings of Jesus. Love those who hate you, pray for those who hurt you, there is true healing power in these true Christian practices. I hope this helps.


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