Have you ever been to a medium, tarot reader, mystic, shaman or the like?

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Yes and they were even crazier than i am.


Once, I went to a small medium at large…

SMXâ„¢ -- Lover Of Hero @};-

No and I never will. I’d just be inviting demons into my house of sleep.

"Wee" Joe Citizen

I encounter enough weirdos in my regular day’s travel without seeking out the wackiest of humanity.
Besides, if you really want to lose $25, it’s quicker to just flush it down the toilet.


Yeah, I had a friend do a Tarot reading for me. As it turns out, she was spot on. Weird. Even so, I came away thinking that whatever will be will be.

Lucinda S

Yes, but the actual ones who you don’t have to pay money for, they’re real nice. =]
I read tarot though as well, anyone can do it, you just have to also be familiar with symbolism and how it relates to your situation

Radio Jingles

Yep, guilty, went to my fair share of Psychic Fairs in my time, with my overly-spendthrift friend, who spent like $200 for readings, trinkets, etc.
and she was a welfare mother of two!
When I started to make a serious study of other religions and beliefs, I stumbled on to my right path (for me) and it works for me. Not for every one. Just for me.
Don’t bother with most of them now, most of them are strictly in it for the money. Most are adequate enough salesmen/actors and good readers of people in general.

Cee T

Yes. Many years ago I went to a fortune teller. She actually knew some things about my life. Years later, I became a Christian and found out that the Bible tells us to steer clear of that type of thing.
It’s not of God and can be very dangerous.
Acts 19:19

Bill P

Yes. In the past year I have been to two mediums,
a tarot card reader and an astrologer.
It is an interesting form of entertainment but I can’t say
that I am any better off for it.
I have learned not to place great trust in their predictions
but consider it input about things I have not thought
of when planning future events.


Yeah, no big deal.
It’s better to learn to read your own tarot cards.


long ago I use to actually do tarot card readings. I no longer do. Not something I make known often…lol

sgt slaughter

God says in the Bible, do not turn to mediums or soothsayer, or witches etc.Exodus and Leviticus yes the Old Testament is still important


No..they’re either fake or being influenced by something dark I want no part of.

Boomer Wisdom

Yes, I too am familiar with the Tarot. It is nothing more than an off-line data base.
And I have run into plenty of “Psychics.”
However, I did go to a professional once who predicted my course and actions for the coming year, and warned me. I ignored her.
She was right on all the details and the outcome. Dang.

James L

yes. When I became aware that I was a Shaman myself, I sought out others with gifts to find out what it was all about. Most are frauds. They just ask leading questions and give generalized answers that could be interpreted in a way to apply to anyone. But there are some that really know what they are doing.


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