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Have you ever been scared by stories about what is known as 'Sleep Paralysis'?

By that, I mean stories told by either people you know or stories on TV or in books/magazines or the internet?
I have been scared by stories about sleep paralysis in the past.


  1. i get sleeping paralysis yes i have they would tell its a sitting ghost which is known at hawaii i was young and i would really freak out even here in vegas one of my frends told me she heard a voice when it happened it to her

  2. originally the term “nightmare” only referred to sleep paralysis and people thought it was caused by a hugh black horse sitting on you (i.e a “night mare”) this gradually turned into any bad dream. I don’t think it’s particularly scary stuff though 🙂

  3. This is just to clarify something about sleep paralyses:
    There are two forms
    1.Natural sleep paralyses, caused by waking up at 4am, staying up for an hour, then going back to bed. This is what every skeptic of sleep paralyses refers to which is perfectly natural. This is an opportunity to engage in lucid dreaming which is fun and very weird.
    2. The old hag syndrome, this form of sleep paralyses is induced by a spirit, normally spirit attachment, this is where dreams turn into nightmares and victims wake up to find themselves paralysed and being tormented by voices, horrific demonic creatures, or even shocked by the malevolent entities.
    Number 2 is bad, I had it over a period of a year which was caused by a spirit attachment that attracted all kinds of bad spirits to torment me in and out of my sleep.
    Skeptics, you can go to hell, or please ask for #2 to happen to you so you can get over your thick heads, you guys are nothing more than religious zealouts without the religious zeal

  4. Most people around me have experienced it, but I still haven’t. So it bugs the hell outta me for what are the main causes for it. Somewhere deep in my heart, I kinda wanted to have experience it for once. Because it sounds cool and I know that it actually not.

  5. I have sleep paralysis, I am 29 now have had it since childhood, but in all these years I have only ever been “freaked” out twice. So I wouldn’t worry about scary stories too much.
    In fact, only last night I was in a state of SP and although my conscience was awake I could not move, but I have learnt to enjoy the experience as it can open up so many other possibilities like Astral Projection etc..
    One thing I do notice though, whenever I have SP my cat begins to miaow almost howl like mad each time !?! Now that’s weird !

  6. I used to experience sleep paralysis of the “old hag” kind only, when I woke up, I was unable to move or speak and I felt an evil, malevolent entity right in my face, laughing at me. The first time it happened, I was terrified and I felt like my horror really amused the unseen force.
    The next time it happened, I had decided I was NOT going to give the thing a chance to get a laugh out of scaring the crap out of me, so while I was motionless and speechless, I imagined myself with a face twisted in rage and, in my mind, I screamed at it to “eff off!” and I cursed at it like a sailor! I told it to “get the eff off me and pi$$ off for good!”
    I think it came back two or three times after that but I screeched at it every time until it stayed away forever. My daughter, one day, came to me and said “an ugly old witch was holding her down in the night, and laughing at her fright.” I told her to do what I had done. The old witch never returned. I think they don’t like empowered sleepers who fight back! lol


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