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Have you ever been in touch with the higher consciousness?

‘Higher Consciousness’ is the best way I can describe it in words, so far. I am of no particular religion except I believe in proof of God or collective consciousness through nature. I have been in touch with this feeling only a handful of times, but it is powerful and life changing, each time is a revelation. For some reason I see a very bright yellow ball of light at the core. I was lying in bed last night thinking about how I could be doing better things with my life, and I started crying. I balled up on my stomach and after the release of my tears I got quite relaxed. And then I had “it”. All the answers are within me, and you. It’s an amazing feeling, that words won’t justify. I don’t feel defensive about those who may not believe me, because there is nothing to believe, it just IS.
Has anyone felt this before? If you have, you KNOW what I am talking about.


  1. Do you mean “have you ever BELIEVED that you were in touch with a higher consciousness?”
    there’s a big difference in the human brain between believing in something, and having it actually be true.

  2. Nope, and I doubt I ever will.
    The only proof that exists that God may be real is that matter cannot be created or destroyed and thus the Big Bang never could have happened without a supernatural being to create matter.
    Just because someone hears a voice doesn’t mean it’s God. They could be mentally ill or just hallucinating.
    But the fact that matter cannot be created or destroyed just throws the whole theory of no “God” or supernatural being down the trash can.

  3. I used to have so much joy when I listened to chrisitan music that praised God… the joy I felt in my hear from listening to music that praised God was 10x stronger than the joy I feel when I’m having sex with my very attractive boyfriend or anything that I could possibly experience in this physical existence we call earth…
    I lost that joy after turning away from what I knew to be truth. The truth is beautiful and worthy of all effort, but very difficult to keep and live by.

  4. Yeah its kind of weird I reached that state of “enlightenment” for awhile through meditation and its like everything is expanded and you think you know the truth of everything and you have a great feeling of bliss and contentment and sounds and thoughts are enhanced and seem small and the material world and a lot of people seem superficial negative and caught up in day to day life. Its really kind of hard to explain in human words. Cause human languages cannot explain the transcendent spiritual nature that resides “above” us.

  5. Yes, I have experienced higher levels of awareness, many times.
    But they are in no way evidence for God, or for anything supernatural.

  6. yeh, i had what is called a mystic experience
    here’s a description of it, made over a collection of data,personal experience, and study
    “The fifth type of experience is the focus of interest in this presentation and has been called by various names: psychedelic peak, transcendental or mystical. For the sake of this discussion we shall refer to it as the psychedelic mystical or experimental mystical experience. Its psychological characteristics have been described elsewhere (Pahnke, in unpublished thesis) and will be only briefly summarized here.
    These characteristics, nine in number, were derived from a study of the literature of spontaneous mystical experiences reported throughout world history from almost all cultures and religions. In studying accounts of these strange, unusual experiences, an attempt was made to extract the universal psychological characteristics as free from interpretation as possible. Scientific evidence indicates that these universal characteristics derived from spontaneous mystical experiences also precisely describe experimental psychedelic ones. The nine characteristics can be listed as follows:
    1. Unity is a sense of cosmic oneness achieved through positive ego-transcendence. Although the usual sense of identity or ego fades away, consciousness and memory are not lost; instead, the person becomes very much aware of being part of a dimension much vaster and greater than himself. In addition to the route of the “inner world” where all external sense impressions are left behind, unity can also be experienced through the external world, so that a person reports that he feels a part of everything that is (e.g., objects, other people, nature or the universe), or, more simply, that “all is one.”
    2. Transcendence of time and space means that the subject feels beyond past, present and future and beyond ordinary three-dimensional space in a realm of eternity or infinity.
    3. Deeply felt positive mood contains the elements of joy, blessedness, peace and love to an overwhelming degree of intensity, often accompanied by tears.
    4. Sense of sacredness is a non-rational, intuitive, hushed, palpitant response of awe and wonder in the presence of inspiring realities. The main elements are awe, humility and reverence, but the terms of traditional theology or religion need not necessarily be used in the description.
    5. The noetic quality, as named by William James, is a feeling of insight or illumination that is felt on an intuitive, non-rational level and has a tremendous force of certainty and reality. This knowledge is not an increase in facts, but is a gain of insight about such things as philosophy of life or sense of values.
    6. Paradoxicality refers to the logical contradictions that become apparent if descriptions are strictly analyzed. A person may realize that he is experiencing, for example, an “identity of opposites,” yet it seems to make sense at the time, and even afterwards.
    7. Alleged ineffability means that the experience is felt to be beyond words, non-verbal, impossible to describe, yet most persons who insist on the ineffability do in fact make elaborate attempts to communicate the experience.
    8. Transiency means that the psychedelic peak does not last in its full intensity, but instead passes into an afterglow and remains as a memory.
    9. Persisting positive changes in attitudes and behavior are toward self, others, life and the experience itself.”
    Befor this experience i was Agnostic/Athiest meaning i wasnt sure of the answer but i knew god in religion wasnt it
    but after this expirience i became extremely spiritual, coming to understand that God is not a religion, IT is a feeling, a spiritual bond of sorts to the collective consciousness of the universe

  7. If you believe in proof of God or collective consciousness, I’m all ears. So far all you’ve described is overwhelming emotions. The right amount of drinking and I feel the way you described. Well, not the crying part. I don’t drink when I’m depressed.


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