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Have you ever been in a near-death experience?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever been in a near-death experience? If so, what did it feel like?
I know it’s a strange question, but my mother and I were discussing it earlier, and now I’m curious to hear other people’s experiences.


  1. I’ve been in a car roll over. It was out in a desert. I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes like everyone says but the weird thing was after we hit the embankment everything got dead quiet in my head…untill we smashed the ground and slid. I had to pull too of my buddies who were knocked out from the car.

  2. not me. but i’ve been by my dad’s deathbed and it was a massive experience. when the docs said go home now it’s over, i went to sleep at last and i saw a dream when all my life was playing backwards really fast with amazing details till the moment i was like 2 yrs old ; it was like a curtain being ripped apart and I had an enormous love for ppl and life, and all the trifles and anxieties that have been pestering me, seemed so trivial and it was like only the essential (love) was what it mattered. and then the fear of death was lifted off me. nothing mattered at all. i was at peace.

  3. I was at a party where I stopped breathing. Turns out my drinks were being laced with some nasty drugs I’ve never done.
    I distinctly remember sitting on the couch and feeling like something was terribly wrong. I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t move. Then I realized that I hadn’t been breathing. I tried, but couldn’t. I remember seeing the clock and thinking ‘Great, I’m going to die at 4:53am in this cockroach infested druggie house on spring break. This isn’t me at all. This isn’t how I wanted to die.’ The last things I remember hearing was a ridiculous conversation with someone trying to convince someone else that cheerios were actually doughnut seeds. Then I remember this guy asking someone if I was alright because I looked grey. I heard him say something to another guy about what the hell he was trying to do because he didn’t need an ambulance or the cops there.
    The next thing I remember is waking up in the ER with nobody but a nurse and a police officer in sight. Apparently, my ‘friends’ from spring break had been kind enough to drop me off and then take off before they had to answer any questions.
    That was my first big taste of how people suck.

  4. Well, I did but I was to little (I was like 3-4 yrs) to remember how it felt. I was climbing a slid and before I could get all the way up I lost my grip and fell off the slide and starting falling head first but my mom was at the bottom of the slide and caught me.

  5. yes and i did die but the doctors braught me bck it feels soo calm as if i didnt want it to end, it was so peaceful but wen they braught me bck i felt a pain go up my back asthough i fell into my body

  6. I was ran over at the age of 3. I don’t remember too much of it… I just remember running towards my brother and falling nd then alot of nothingness. I know that I woke up in a very dim room with my grandma to my side and a nurse asking me where I wanted the meds (mouth or butt) which s a weird question to hear when you wake up…and of course hard to choose when you’re a child since both are equally terrifying.


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