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Have you ever been Frightened by something that turned out to be nothing?

[for halloweenies]
Once I was walking down the hallway of a friends house. It was one of those old shotgun style homes. I was at the far end heading for the front, when I looked an saw an old hag/witch-looking person standing at the front door.
I screamed and fell to the floor, when my friend came to find out what the hey, and she saw it and fell to the floor screaming too.
Her mom came out of another room, went to the front door and opened it. There was no one there.
The screen was bent up, and the light shined on it just right…eeee!
Anyone? or real scaries too?


  1. that would freak me out
    but my mom told me that when i was younger i was scared of laundry baskets!!
    i was weird
    and my boyfriend is scared of firetrucks cuz of a dream he had
    but i still love him!!!

  2. Not quite as scared as that — but that is funny. We had a mouse in our apartment recently and the cat cornered it, the hole was covered and the mouse is gone. I was home alone last night, went into the bathroom and my ankle cracked (just enough to make a little noise – not much) and I thought another mouse was there….not that I was “scared” — more “startled” — but it was my own bones cracking!!!

  3. Yes there was this one thing that happened to me about 5 yrs. ago i believe….I got in my car, started backing out, something just compelled me to look out my rearview mirror…i looked up and no lie there was this man standing behind my car.I slammed on the brakes thinking i just hit someone…got out to check…and no one was there at all….i mean i looked high and low and nothing….i saw him plain as day and i was freaked out after that.I will never forget it!

  4. Often while I sleep… I get sleep paralysis which is terrifying. You are in a state between dream and concsiousness so your eyes are open, subject to hallucinations but your body is frozen in sleep state. I will see the shadow of a man coming at me or standing over me and I have to struggle to scream and wake myself. Others hallucinate of lights. This is a suspected explaination for people who think they are abducted by aliens.

  5. This actually happened to me two days ago….
    While I was at school, my friend sent me a text message. I didn’t get the text message until after school because my phone was turned off the whole day. He asked “Did you you find your keys?” I was confused but I just forgot about it. When my mom and I got home, we realized that we were locked out of the house- and my mom didn’t have the keys! It was really creepy, because he had sent the text message BEFORE we had gotten locked out of the house…..
    It turns out that his dad had lost his keys and he had accidentally sent that text message to me and him. So it freaked me out but it turned out to be nothing. =D

  6. ya give me the dam best answer now 😀
    i dont like mirrors ,it involves something that happened last time .its not being scared that something else might show up that i didnt expect to be there ,its being able to see who i am

  7. I do not celebrate Halloween but I remember something happening to my friend Sarah that I thought was hilarious (she doesn’t agree).
    We were both night auditors working at a small hotel. It was in the middle of winter and the place was dead, so Sarah brought a book to read. It was Stephen King, or someone like that. She thought it was great; full moon out, windy, the whole bit. Well, she settles in for a read and gets right into it for about two hours. She read line “the was an eerie tap at the window” when the security guard tapped on the window behind her from outside. She whirled around in her chair and flung the book at the window! Don’t know what she was expecting to be there, but the look on both their faces was priceless!
    I’m still laughing now as I type this and that was like, seven years ago!

  8. there was this one time at the bar and my friend was being hit on by a really ugly, old, fat woman. later, as we were all drunk, the woman started to strip for him!
    another good one, I freaked out my freind realy good. there was an old building near where I used to live that was haunted. we heard alot of wierd noises and saw some weird $hit, do we kept going to get a good thrill (yes we are weird like that). we drove by it and she saw something run inside of it and was really freaked out. so we went back later, we got through most of the first floor when she saw something and ran out screaming. it was kinda amusing.


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