• well, one time i smelt peanut m ‘n ms, but there wasn’t one in sight. seems like pretty tricky witchcraft to me.

  • Yes , I know exactly what you are speaking of. Our neighbours send negative energy in our direction all the time. I can literally feel them hurting me like voodoo .I never believed that stuff. Prayer to God and and a gun would be helpful .I get these body pains and hear this ticking noise as soon as I feel the body pain .For example ,I get pain in my eye and them in my ass . It may sound funny but this is like voodoo .It really physically hurts .I know it ‘s the neighbours too .All day and night , it’s like we have psychotic neighbours or something .Our neighbours are always throwing stones onto our roof too ,b*****ds .Try to get the police involved .Does not help .Seriously thinking of moving.Have real trouble sleeping at night because they are literally attacking us while we try to sleep .Make sure you are on good terms with your neighbours or you might end up like me. And no I am not mentally ill or hearing voices .

  • Hi, yes all the time. The closer you are to Jesus the more Satan will hinder. I’ve prayed lots about it. I know how Job felt. I read His word, worship and serve him anyway. Lots in other lands are a lot worse off than I am. nev r

  • I’m -always- under spiritual attack. As a freelance shaman, it’s just expected. You don’t do a lot of divination, using spirits for the benefit of others without getting a heap of spirits and natural forces quite cross with you. I generally don’t have to take precautions unless I leave the earthly coil and travel in celestial realms. Usually my familiar takes care of most of it, though.

  • I don’t know, but I’ve had such bizarre things happen, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • i think im under some sort of attack, i dont know whats wrong or if im weird or what have you, Im ALLWAYS ill, i mean i just had glandular fever, like 5 weeks ago, im gettin over it now, but now i have a cold and a chest infection i mean wtf?! I belive in spirts and things as sometimes i see my grandad, sounds weird but its for real im only 16 and im a lad, but i think somethings out to get me..

  • Nope, i’ve never ever been a victim of witchcraft or whatsoever.
    Do you believe in this kind of thing?

  • I have, and I summoned the power of the Lord Almighty to fight the demons. It was tough, but the Lord had +12 attack points and the demons only had +10, so the the Lord prevailed.

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