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Have you ever astral projected or had an out of body experience?

If you have, can you please describe what it was like as you transitioned to another dimension or lifted out of your body? I just attempted earlier this night and almost got there. I just want verification so i know if what i thought was happening was really happening.


  • There are a lot of ways the transition can feel and none of them are particularly easy to describe… An archetypal first exit starts with sleep paralysis, sight even though your eyes are shut, powerful electrical currents and vibrations running through your entire body, storm-like turbulence, heartbeat seemingly triple speed and extremely pronounced, followed by powerful tug back to your body as you try to struggle out of it. But all of this can be absent and it still be a projection. I often have none of the above nowadays so don’t rule yours out if it doesn’t match!

  • Sort of. I was about to fall off a horse, and then I was across the corral watching the whole thing, then the next thing I knew I was back, with a terrible pain in my chest.

    The adults around me told me that I had the wind knocked out of me and must have imagined the whole experience, but it was just so vivid. I also didn’t feel any pain until I was trying to get up off the ground, not during the fall itself. Weird, but true.

  • I just remember kind of leaving the body through my head and then being high up on the wall by the ceiling and looking down at myself. And looking around the room. I just remember seeing the essence of things, not only physically but psychically and emotionally. I was above all trouble and care. I was at peace and very happy. I didn’t do this intentionally. It just happened.

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