Home Discussion Forum Have you ever astral projected/ had an out of body experiance?

Have you ever astral projected/ had an out of body experiance?

I came across a book that had a few things about this and I’m curious to know if people can actually “dis-connect” from their body…


  1. I often think dreams are. Cause dreams can be so scarily life-like some times we can’t tell them from reality until we wake up.

  2. I’ve studied a few parts of this, but seems interesting and I wanna try it sometime. 🙂 I know some people that can do it.

  3. Yes..I was in bed sleeping/unconscious and I did that. I told my mom the next morning and she asked the doctor he said my heart stopped for reasons unknown.

  4. I think so. I’ll go to sleep and get pushed down by ‘something’ and when I wake up I’m paralyzed, like I can’t move. I always thought it was a bad spirit or I was just crazy, but a few people told me it was astral projection. I haven’t really looked up on it…

  5. If you believe in that kind of stuff… I’ve known people (this small old town in Europe) that said this lady’s spirit used to leave her body at night when she was sleeping and enter other bodies. She practiced witchcraft.

  6. Yes, for years I had this feeling of being sucked down and paralized when I would fall asleep. I was afraid of it so I would fight it off and not let myself go. But when my Dad died and I was up 3 days for his funeral I was so tired. when I went to sleep I felt that pulling again. I was sad, and tired so I said the heck with it and let myself go. I felt my self pulled through a tunnel very fast. Then I was in a room. It was dark and i could not see. but I felt like a child. I heard a female voice say very kindly and loving. (What are you doing here?) Then as if I had been put back where I belonged, I awoke in an instance. I tried almost every night for the next few months to duplicate my experance, but now 15 years later I sadly have never felt that pulling again. Its like a door was open, but is now closed. I will say that I believe that God closed my door to protect me from my own temptations involving this kind of travel


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