Home Discussion Forum have you done past life regression and if so, how was it?

have you done past life regression and if so, how was it?

and how was it done? did it answer certain questions?


  1. I did when I was 15. It didn’t answer any questions.
    I found that people who like doing it are people who like the fakey fake attention they create for themselves because they are not a fan of reality.

  2. it was amazing
    it was done to a group of us and a lot of people saw what other people were experiencing…..it kind of affirmed it was real
    i was shown who i was in a past life
    it had to do with the gemstone RUBY, the keys of life and also one of the Books of life
    It answered tons of questions.
    it has never happened to me since.

  3. My husbands friend has done it many times. I dont know if it answered any questions but he said its very interesting. He said one time he was a Native American boy who died very young and one time he was in Egypt.

  4. my past life regression was that i was an egyption phraoh and i was not cruel like othe past phraohs instead i was caring about my people and what they needed. i would have to say it was kinda cool…it did answer somethings for me but not all…

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