Have you belonged to a really good energy working Wiccan or Pagan group?





by Pleiades:

I’ve visited a few, I’m generally more interested in healing, and psychic/channeling, etc. but picked up Cunningham’s book and found a surprising flood of energy (esp. addressing elements/directions, standing in the kitchen using a paring knife as a stand in). Started looking into local groups?haven’t found anything like I’d imagined a practicing group to be, mostly interested in “playing witch”, or recreating “ancient” ceremonies, trying to be practitioners of past times and different locals…(I’m critical, but practical). Have you ever belonged to a working group that really wanted to develop energy and community? And avoided the silliness that can come with some of the shallower writings? Am I being unrealistic?

Answer by a_delphic_oracle
I have been disappointed every time I check a group out. Silliness is the name of the game. My spirit guide informed me to go it alone. If I need guidance of some sort from someone I’ll encounter them.


  1. There are groups that are serious and groups that are silly. Don’t worry, there is a group out there that will suit you, or at least, there are others who think as you do. Maybe it’s up to you to start the group! And as someone said, don’t limit yourself to Wicca. You might find what you’re looking for in Druidry or Hellenism, but I’m inclined to think that your local Shamanic Cirlce might be right up your alley.

  2. It takes time and work to find a group of people you feel comfortable sharing that type of energy with. I have been lucky to find several groups over the course of my path that just clicked fantastically together. It will be difficult at first to find a group, but once you do wow, the feeling is unbelievable.
    You can always start your own, you’ll get the feel for people that are on your same vibe or not. Be picky, this is your energy you are sharing!

  3. Yes, you’re being unrealistic. No Wiccans have powers, no matter how much they calim to. I used to be a solitary Wiccan myself. Maybe you should read about the lives of famous occultists:
    Then decide if it’s worth persuing. If you want to wind up broke and forgotten, go for it!
    In the 19th century a romaticizing of things Pagan began. Godfrey Leland forged a spurious book called Aradia:Gospel of the Witches that implied that witches were pagans who worshipped Diana (and Lucifer). He plagarized materials from two previous books he wrote (Etruscan Remains and Gypsy Sorcery). Although the word Wicca isn’t mentioned, it was the great-great daddy of the whole thing.
    Later on quack anthropolgist Margret Murray hatched her own theory about the witches of the European witch trials actually being survivors of a Pagan cult in her books. These inspired Gardner to create his own witch cult witch he called “wica” (at first spelled in lower case and with only one “c”). Gardner insisted Witch meant “Wise one” claiming the word derives from the Old English word “wicce”. “Wicce” actually means “to bend”, and this is where the word “wicker” comes from. The word “wicked” also comes from “wicce” (as in a wicked person being “bent”).
    The word “witch” has a nefarious meaning in every language on earth,including English, but for some reason Wiccans still insist on calling themselves “Witches” (with a capital “W”) and their religion “Witchcraft”. They feel that the reason people are afraid of them is centuries of “xtian propaganda” meant to defame them. But even if they went to Vietnam ( a predominantly Buddhist country) and said they were a Phuy Tay (Vietnamese for witch), people would still be afraid of them. Of course, a tiny few Wiccans have stopped calling themselves witches, but most probably enjoy the shock value wether they admit it or not.
    If there is any truth to the old saying “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”, that truth is found in the occult, and Wicca in particular. Silver Ravenwolf has written close to a dozen books on the subject of “The Craft”, and claims she has been studying it since about 1969, which is almost as long as I?ve been alive. She has written a book on how to cast money spells, and includes a chapter on how to do so in her Teen Witch book. But the thing is, she doesn’t particularly sound all that prosperous herself. Ravenwolf writes,
    ” For years I couldn’t afford to go to a hair stylist (still can’t, it’s shop and chop for me). I got pretty good at stying my own hair from looking at magazine pictures” [SOURCE: Teen Witch, Llewellyn Publications, 2003 edition, page 145]
    OK, she so rich she can’t go to the hairdresser. Hey, get me a copy of that Prosperity Spell book!
    Silver Ravenwolf seems to have inadvertently discovered that Wicca makes things worse, but won’t ever admit it as such.
    In Teen Witch she says
    “A lot of people tell me how bad their lives have gotten after casting a spell and tell me they won’t do Witchcraft anymore. I tell them their lives would have been much worse for not having cast the spell”.
    Don’t you would think a lot of people would be saying things like “Hey, Silver Ravenwolf, my life has improved tremendously with Wicca!” if Wicca is as great as they claim? Instead it makes lives much worse, and even Silver Ravenwolf admits she hears this a lot!!!
    Adian Kelly wrote a book on the history of Wicca called “Crafting The Art of Magic” in the 1980’s. Wiccans had a fit when it was published, and pressured Llewyllyn to take it out of print. It was supposed to be the first in a series of books. I think Adian Kelly probably summed it up best when he said this about the Gardnerian “Book of Shadows”, the closest thing Wicca has to a sacred book:
    ” [M]any of the Book of Shadows rituals did not exist in 1954 (when Witchcraft Today was published) but instead were still being written. [T]he major sources from which the rituals had been constructed included: (a) Mather’s edition of the Greater Key of Solomon; (b) Aleister Crowley’s Magic in Theory and Practice; (c) Leland’s Aradia (d) some Masonic rituals akin to those described by Duncan and those of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (aside from those transmitted by Crowley; and (e) Margaret Murray’s The Witch Cult in Western Europe. There were also bits and pieces from other works by Leland, Jane E. Harrison, Gilbert Murray, James Frazier, and other great classicists from the 19th century. That accounted for EVERYTHING in the rituals! There was nothing left that differed in any important way from what you can find in those sources- – but that is NOT at all what Gardner had claimed!”
    My advice would be to rethink the whole thing and try reading C.S. Lewis instead.
    BTW, be aware many Wiccans have a fake “Doctor of Divinty” from the Universal Life Church that anyone can buy for $ 20 and “religious tolerance.org” is run by to Neopagans and an agnostic and is far from “unbiased”. For instance, they don’t mention “Frostie Wicca” because they know it will put Wicca in a bad light http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;… they do however call the Manson Family a sect with Christian beliefs! LOL! They probably haven’t even had a basic Comparitive Religion class at a community college. It isn’t hard to see why Wiccans reccomend it. )

  4. It’s hard to find enough people with a low “fluffy factor” to form a solid group. Such groups are out there, they’re just a bit rare.
    I wouldn’t call your request unrealistic. Sounds like you’ve got high standards, which isn’t a bad thing, despite what some people in the community might tell you.

  5. Check out this link for like minded individuals in your area. http://www.witchvox.com/
    Yes, I have been in a cohesive group of practitioners. Those kind of groups take quite a bit of time to develop and usually when they achieve it they are not interested in inviting others in as it can upset the balance that was hard achieved.
    You are not being unrealistic, I do think you may not be viewing all facets of the gem. I suggest you look into psychic fairs and more new-age type activities to find others like yourself.
    Blessings )O(
    EDIT: Please ignore Dr. Zoom Zoom. He has a habit of stalking any questions about Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans and posts the same thing over and over.

  6. All of the religion stuff including pagan is worth very little IMHO. There are so many questions about hell and damnation. Then you have the freaks who are convinced that the Bible says we are in our last days etc. My suggestion is to relax and have a Coke and watch television until some of this compulsive religion leaves your body LOL.

  7. You’re not being unrealistic, only a little narrow-minded.
    Don’t limit your search for a healing/spiritual community to Wicca.

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