Have you been to the Emerald-Sea?

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Best meditation yet…I saw myself floating inside a Violet-Lotus…inside an Emerald-bubble
floating on an emerald-green sea…My crown Chakra was activating as the Sun…
Anyone have any WONDEROUS meditation experience to share?
I mean: emerald-GLASS sea.

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dead fundie

Been there? I went snorkeling.

Christian Sceptic

This reminded me of Poe’s “Annabel Lee.”

Atheism Fails Again

That sounds sort of gross.


Free the fire films on Youtube is beautiful for meditation.
I love the ‘frequencies’ he puts out.
Absolutely marvellous man.


No, I have not had the opportunity of going there.
By practicing the Quantum Pause from the Lyricus Teaching order I have had profound experiences and insights.

Inigo Montoya

Yes, but I was drinking some kind of mushroom tea at the time.


No, but that sounds like the most beautiful place to go to.

Were Those Trumpets?

Is that code for where your barracks are located?


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