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Have u had a near death experience?

I have never had a near death experience if u have can u please share ur story with me.Did u see heaven or hell. I am interested in stuff like that. People say I’m flat out weird. SO WHAT!


  1. The religious myths and metaphors are mostly about how to induce these types of experiences (out of body experiences.) I’ve experienced all of the same things that the people who have near death experiences do, but without really being in any danger of actually dying.
    I am the world that hides
    The universal secret of all time
    Destruction of the empty spaces
    Is my one and only crime
    I’ve lived a thousand times
    I found out what it means to be believed
    The thoughts and images
    The unborn child that never was conceived
    When little worlds collide
    I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell
    And flashing memories
    Are cast into the never-ending well
    The name that scorns the face
    The child that never sees the cause of man
    The deathly darkness that
    Belies the fate of those who never ran

  2. I have had three. I did not see heaven or hell, because they don’t exist. I experienced all of the physiological events that occur when the brain goes into “dying” mode (one of which was pretty amazing, but it was a product of brain function, nothing supernatural). I survived because of medical intervention, so I credit paramedics and doctors with my existence today.

  3. once when i almost drowned. Ah what a glorious day. i was preoccupied with the hot life guard guy at six flags in the wave pool and i didn’t notice i was so deep in the pool. Then a wave caught me and i was pushed under and i sort of couldn’t tell up from down and panicked. It wasn’t that amazing. The most dominant thing i rememeber seeing was a lot of black. That’s it. Nothing more. Maybe there is nothing. Or maybe i wasn’t gone long enough to see. Then i was back and the hot life guard was there and my family was there and i was safe. We went home after that.

  4. yes I have, no heaven/hell, that doesn’t come til judgement day, I had just lost my baby (6 weeks til delivery:-( after being released from hospital, and was at home resting, I saw myself sleeping, I was like in the corner above close to the ceiling,I was “small like” I felt warm, totally peaceful and unafraid and there was light all around the back of me, that was it, I awoke the next morning in severe pain, and had to be rushed to the hospital with a major major infection and was told I could have died 🙁 but I didn’t, obviously and thank God, also was told I would NEVER concieve again:-( but God had different plans as I have two beautiful daughters (mini-me’s lol) my friends said that I had an out of body experience, dunno bout that and it hasn’t happened since :-)God Bless

  5. Yes I have. I was in the intensive care unit because I was being treated for leukemia and I had no immune system and I caught an infection. Colitis. My intestines where about to burst inside of me and I was not allowed to drink any water or eat anything. I was sustained off an IV pump and a couple of buzzing machines. The room was dark. I only remember a couple of things but they where soo horrible. I remember falling asleep and hearing a voice call out to me. It was comforting in every possible way. The pain disappeared for a brief moment when he spoke. He said, “You know, people do get through this.” The next couple of weeks they have never seen someone get well so fast. The record for getting out of the hospital was 17 days and the person who did that came back multiple times. I was out in 14 and never came back once all because of the big man.

  6. yes,my wife caught me and her sister having sex when we thought she was out of town and I swear she grabed me by my nut sack and just wouldn’t let go I swear I saw heven and hell at the same time

  7. Science can explain nde’s, its in mind and brain going into overdrive.
    There was one case of a woman who had one when she was brain dead and all what happened was she was out of her body nothing else, she didn’t see heaven or hell which may be proof of it’s nonexistence..

  8. yes I have…three times.
    I never saw “heaven” or “hell”…
    The first time was when I was a baby and asphyxiated on spit-up but my Father resusitated me.
    Time #2: My step sister and her friend wanted to see how long it would take for someone to drown and so held me underwater.
    I remember “breathing” in water and thinking “not again” then I I recall climbing a huge hill along a footpath that wound up the side. At the top were some of my ancestors. I know this because I recognised a few and they told me who the others were. They told me some things then said that I was not to be there just yet and that I would have to go back. I started down the pathway again and woke up on my Grampa’s bed.
    The third time was on purpose. I was ritualistically killed, guided by ancestors and my Teacher through several levels of existance, met some folk who were willing to be assistants and helpers to my craft, and brought back to this life once more as part of becoming a Shaman.
    Not the usual “I saw a tunnel of white light” stuff… but no less real either.
    You are welcome to email me if you have any questions.


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