Home Discussion Forum Have u ever been to a sweat lodge, or a Pow Wow?!?

Have u ever been to a sweat lodge, or a Pow Wow?!?

If u havent,what do u think about it??ur oppinion….
Sweatlodge and pow wow is a spiritual place..The sweat lodge looks like a underground teepee sort of thing..has no surface that is open.has a hole deep enough for a pot to fit in.U burn rocks all day and set them into the hole,than u gather people to enter and sit around the rocks.than u close flap from were u entered,and u atleast have a bucket to poor water on the rocks to let hot steam come out of the rocks.U sit and sing spiritual songs to motherearth.u can repent.its like u have to suffer for what u did.and u use the bucket up each time u poor water on the rocks.
Pow wow is a spiritual place also.U have dancers,drumgroups,flute players,and anything spiritual.Ders and Arena where the dancers enter in a line..diffrent styles of dancers.fancy shawl,jingle dancers,fancy shawl,etc…all types for men and women.The dancing is a healing also…Anybody can go to pow wows,it dont matter what race u r…U c most native americans der tho…thats my info about sweat lodges and pow wows….


  1. i been to many,there are many different kinds.called indian church back home.outside in the winter down by the river,
    i couldnt describe it if i had the words,
    the sweat lodge!

  2. I have been to many POW WOWS in Arizona, New Mexico and a few in Pennsylvania, however, no comparison to the POW WOWS out west. I have also been to many Reservations and have many friends who are Native Americans.

  3. I have been to a sweat lodge before.
    The heat and the chanting are there to get you to a certain spiritual level and induce visions.
    It was an awesome experience.

  4. Yes, had a sweat with Billy Jack with Chief Red Cloud of LaKota fame. That’s where I got my Icon name, in the naming ceremony. I want to set one up here shortly. (I shortened it lately. I’ve taken some fantastic pictures of two Pow Wows I’ve been to in AZ. I don’t know if you can get the link on my 360 or not. I’ll try to make sure it’s set up.


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