Home Discussion Forum Have u ever been in Cambridge, UK?

Have u ever been in Cambridge, UK?

I wonder is it interesting living there? Where is better in Cambridge or Oxford?
And about TANTRA is it a club? Is it in London?


  1. I live the opposite side of the County so yes I have been there. Cambridge is ok to live but it is full of university kids if that don’t bother you then yeah its ok.
    Tantra, 62 Kingly Street, London, W1 5LR

  2. I’ve been to both Oxford and Cambridge. There are similarities between the 2 places – both have old established universities and both are a nightmare to travel to by car! Both offer park and ride facilities on the outskirts and if taking a car I would recommend using these and taking the bus into the centre (as parking in the centre is horrendously expensive). Both cities have a river running through them (Thames in Oxford, Cam in Cambridge). Both cities have plenty of historic architecture around the centre. There are loads of students in both places (not surprisingly) and I know that Cambridge is also popular with tourists. I was in Cambridge and needed a barber – I found this old fashioned place down a backstreet and it was like stepping back 100 years. There were tourists outside with cameras waiting for somebody to go in for a haircut so they could take photos. The barber trimmed my sideburns and neck with a cut-throat razor! Pity he wasn’t charging 100 year old prices – it was £2 more expensive than the place I normally go to! I prefer Cambridge to Oxford myself, but I’ve only been to Oxford once and may not have seen all it has to offer. Cambridge is good because as well as the chain shops there are lots of quirky shops to explore. Another historic place we go for shops that are a little different is Colchester in Essex. The Tantra is a club in Soho, a trendy part of London – see a review here: http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/clubs_bars/venue-3055.php
    I’ve never been there – not my scene and it looks too expensive for a tight Scotsman!


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